The Labour Party purge is getting ridiculous : Another angry voice.


The Labour Party purge is getting absolutely ridiculous. Not content with banning 130,000 party members from participation in the leadership election out of a fear that they’re likely to back Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party hierarchy has set about trawling through people’s social media accounts looking for excuses to suspend them from the party.

Some of the most notable examples include the Orgreave Justice campaigner and 45 year long Labour Party member John Dunn, the head of the Bakers’ Union Ronnie Draper, a Unison rep and long-time Labour Party activist called Philip Lewis and a woman called Catherine Starr who was apparently suspended for liking a band called the Foo Fighters too much.

The Catherine Starr case was unusual because the letter of suspension actually included a date when the supposedly unacceptable comment was made, allowing her to track down the “abusive” comment to a post where she…

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Labour Civil War? This Is A War Of Ideology


What is happening within the Labour party is much bigger than Corbyn, it’s much bigger than the Labour Party. Within Labour we are witnessing a break down of the Thatcherite consensus which has dominated the Labour party since the days of Blair and New Labour, alongside this we are witnessing a backlash against Neoliberal ideology and Thatcherism in wider society. Corbyn is the figurehead, or the representative of this change and his opponents in and outside the Labour party believe the maxim “cut the head of the snake” but the paradigm shift that is occurring cannot be stopped so easily.

When Thatcher got elected, many said she couldn’t do it, when she became PM, people didn’t believe it. Yet since then, we have seen a huge shift in the political consensus to the right, in fact the One Nation Tory ideology that Thatcher effectively destroyed became irrelevant. She managed to…

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Response to Thangam Debbonaire’s public post on Facebook.


Response to Thangam Debbonaire’s public post on Facebook.

Its here

She starts by stating that “Mr Corbyn appointed me and press released this without my knowledge or consent whilst I was in the middle of cancer treatment.”

It is interesting to compare this very negative statement to what she is reported to have said to her local paper at the time on January 14th 2016 “I’m thrilled to bits at my new appointment.” She then goes on to say: “and will be making a phased return to Parliament over the following weeks.” Then saying: “I’m very grateful for the support of the Labour Party leadership”. [1]

Some change in tone, inference and emphasis, if not fact. The statements seem to paint a completely different picture of events.

She then states: “He then sacked me the next day…” then goes on to say that she “decided to make the best…

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Response to Lilian Greenwood MP – Speech to her CLP


Her speech here

(Weren’t CLP meetings banned?)

The start of Lilian’s Twitter feed is seemingly contradictory at best. At first she claims that she is publishing her “speech” to her CLP “in the interests of transparency”. A few tweets later she complains about the contents of her meeting being made known even to her party leader!

During the speech she seems to try to gain kudos: “In the 9 months I spent in the Shadow Cabinet I never briefed against Jeremy. I never tweeted what was happening in Shadow Cabinet meetings or spoke to journalists about our private discussions. Whenever challenged, I defended our Party Leader.” But it seems as soon as this golden nine month period ended (in resignation, at exactly the same time as it did for all the others) the floodgates have been opened. Subsequent (re)tweets on just the start of July 18th included those about the…

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Devious deeds and other stuff



11221854_1111435345552559_3342055184004066934_oPic courtesy of my mobile phone🙂

As most of you will know by now, the Labour NEC met yesterday initially to determine whether or not Jeremy Corbyn could feature on the leadership ballot. They ruled that he can, but they simultaneously ruled that those members who joined after 12th January 2016 would not be eligible to take part in the election. Additionally, a charge of £25 will be levied to register as a Labour Supporter, a significantly higher fee than the £3 previously charged. At a time when British people are once again reinvigorated by politics and political change, and clamouring to take an active part in their party of choice, they are being denied this chance. Jeremy Corbyn has inspired unprecedented growth in the Labour party membership, and those new members, and those who wish to vote in the leadership contest, should not be denied a chance to vote.

The figure of £25 is a discriminatory price that will clearly exclude a great many from being able to take part in this vote. People who wish to vote will need to register as supporters and pay £25 between 18th-20th July in order to secure the right to vote.

Unlike the tories, we have a plan A and a plan B …

I met the fabulous Lauren Ashby on Twitter on 2 days ago, following the announcement by Labour NEC.

Lauren, myself and some other tweeters said we would gladly pay the £25 to a Labour supporter to enable them to vote.

This culminated in Lauren setting up a Just Giving page to accept donations, with a view to disbursing them to the unwaged, low waged, pensioner or student who wanted to vote but was effectively barred from doing so by the punitive £25 charge which they were unable to afford.

We all know why the NEC did this of course, it was because their final attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn had failed and so the only thing left to them was to attack the new members (most of whom supported Jeremy Corbyn) who had recently joined in their thousands.

Before I provide a link to the Just Giving page, I would just like to say this … Lauren and I are both private individuals with a strong sense of decency and democracy who felt we had to DO SOMETHING.

We are aware that there may be concerns that the people who claim the £25 may vote for a person we might not necessarily admire (she said trying to avoid looking at Angela Eagle and Owen Smith) but hey, that’s democracy folks and money should not be a barrier to it.

The way the Just Giving site works is like this; the monies donated are released after a month of setting up the page, which means that payments to individuals will need to be made before 20 July 2016, which is the cut off date to register and pay your £25

I am going to stump up the cash up front and then get reimbursed from the site once the 30 days are up. The money is coming from my “Rainy Day Fund” because this to me looks very much like a rainy day.

Lauren and I will probably request from the people who claim the £25 via the site, for a screen shot on their phone of some documentary evidence to show that they are unwaged, low waged a pensioner or student. Once seen by either Lauren or I it will be immediately deleted to protect privacy. Our word is our bond.

We will also need to establish that the person claiming the £25 is a Labour supporter, possibly by viewing their Twitter or Facebook timeline; this is to prevent rogue tory supporters hijacking the leadership ballot (cynical, moi, you betcha)

Some of the comments on the site from the people who donated are heartwarming, inspirational and some even made me cry … read them for yourself; but all of those who donated have restored my faith in human nature.

In less than 48 hours of the site going live, these wonderful, awesome, beautiful people donated enough to fund the £25 fee for 125 people … how brilliant is that!

For those of you who wish to donate, please do and for those of you who wish to claim the £25, please scroll to bottom of the just giving page, click on contact fundraiser and send Lauren  a message or you can direct message her on Twitter @Oisille if you’d prefer.

You’ll remember I said there was also a plan B…

Well, it seems that Labour NEC are in breach of contract, as new members (those who registered after January 2016) were “sold” their membership with the entitlement to vote in any leadership election. The new ruling has been backdated by 6 months. This is potentially a criminal offence and the NEC may be liable to a fine and or prosecution. They will most certainly have to refund the subscriptions of those affected.

To form a contract, the law states;

A contractual relationship is evidenced by (1) an offer, (2) acceptance of the offer, and a (3) valid (legal and valuable) consideration. Each party to a contract acquires rights and duties relative to the rights and duties of the other parties. However, while all parties may expect a fair benefit from the contract (otherwise courts may set it aside as inequitable) it does not follow that each party will benefit to an equal extent.

The complaint has been lodged and Trading Standards are currently investigating … watch this space.

To cheer you up after all the shenanigins, I thought I’d post this musical tribute to those tory MPs who got sacked or resigned from the Conservative Cabinet today … (p.s. check out the VERY young Paul Simon)




Very bad news , I’m afraid. To say I am devastated is an understatement. – this letter from Lauren (the fundraiser) posted on the Just Giving page explains:-

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EUROPE: Rise of the Phoenix ‘ SUPER STATE ‘ as the EU starts to crumble to dust with army, criminal law, taxation system and or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – July.02: EU Officials to Unveil ‘Ultimatum’ Blueprint as Final Solution for European Super-State It appears The Brits may have dodged more than a bullet in their decision to leave The EU. The foreign ministers of France and Germany are reportedly due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states […]

via EUROPE: Rise of the Phoenix ‘ SUPER STATE ‘ as the EU starts to crumble to dust with army, criminal law, taxation system and or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

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Creating a good society

Article from PCS people, the in house newspaper of The Public & Commercial Services Union



Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke to PCS people about what keeps him going.


Mr Corbyn is clear about what the public sector pay freeze (which interestingly enough never seems to apply to MPs although they too are public sector workers) has meant for workers and why it must be lifted;

“The public sector pay freeze has meant, in effect that civil servants’ pay has gone down, whist many talented people have been lost to the private sector.”

“Austerity Britain has led to greater inequality, a lower share of wages …”

PCS policy is to support proportional representation (PR) to ensure that every vote counts. Mr Corbyn has said he is open to proposals around reforms, but has not given specific support for PR.

“We are establishing a constitutional convention (led by Jon Trickett MP) that is going to look at a number of things. One is the lack of democracy in Westminster, where we have an appointed upper chamber. I want to see an elected and accountable upper chamber. I also want to see real devolution to local government . The convention will also look at voting systems and at how we may or may not bring about changes. I want to see a voting system that reflects peoples views”

With a media generally hostile to Mr Corbyns’ leadership, it is impossible not to wonder what keeps him so determined.

Never losing the capacity to be angry about injustice and to have real empathy for people is key, he says.

” A good society doesn’t allow people to sleep on the streets, doesn’t allow people to live in such abject poverty, doesn’t allow a million people to rely on foodbanks. A good society ensures that wealth and opportunity are shared. That’s what keeps me going”

Condemning the Tory austerity agenda of cuts, closures and low wages, he stressed this was “A political choice being made by this government, not a necessity”

On tax, he pointed to the contradiction inherent in cutting jobs at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)  when billions were being lost in uncollected tax revenue.

“This government doesn’t seem to understand that job cuts mean tax not collected” and called for “a properly staffed HMRC”

Mr Corbyn also put the lie to the Tories’ much trumpeted “Northern Powerhouse”, which meant very little when at the same time the North was systematically underfunded.

He pledged his commitment to national investment in infrastructure, new rail links, renewable energy and house building to bring the levels of homelessness to zero.

“It can be done but not if you leave it all to the free market. We can, must and will do better”


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