How inconvenient that we EXPELLED you in ERROR

We are beginning to see some lifting of Expulsions coming through that cite `admin error`. Here is an extract: `Please accept our apology for the error that ended your membership and for any…

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Barrister: new Scots/Welsh Labour NEC members installed illegally


barristertxt.pngThe background

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the complete disregard for party rules and procedures that were used by the Labour party’s right-wing faction, including voted-0ut NEC (National Executive Committee) members about to lose their power, to crowbar two additional members onto the NEC in order to maintain a right-wing majority on Labour’s ruling committee that had been democratically removed.

The measure was forced through at Labour’s 2016 Conference by pre-packing the rule-change in a single bundle along with good rule-changes – and demands for proper voting procedures to be followed were steamrolled by the Chair in order to make sure the committee-rigging was successful.

The rule-change allowed the leaders of the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties – both opponents of Corbyn – to appoint a member each to the NEC with no democratic process. Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale appointed herself, even while at the same time demanding…

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Exclusive: Labour apology proves vote-exclusion knowingly abused

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the mass suspension of members – apparently overwhelmingly pro-Corbyn members – by the Labour party during the recent leadership election. This blog has corresponded with many people wrongly suspended or…

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A Legal Look at the Labour Party Rule Book

A Critique of the Disciplinary Rules of the Labour Party by Duncan Shipley Dalton LL.B(Hons) LL.M CPLS MPA (Harvard) Barrister-at-Law  Labour member Southampton Itchen CLP General Assessment of the…

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Critique of L.P. Rule Book on Complaints Procedures by Suspended Member

Labour Party Shadow NEC

We asked a number of people to do a critique on the Labour Party Rule book – and focusing at this time on Chapter 6 which is concerned with the Complaints Procedure. Here Glynis Millward, a suspended Labour Party member gives her critique.

Report on Labour Party Rule Book 2016


  1. I have read the copy of the Rule Book 2016 (the rules) which was in force at the time the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Labour Party suspended the vast majority of Labour Party members on or around the period July 2016 to September 2016:-
  1. Throughout this report, I have used the rules contained in the link above.
  1. Chapter 6 (pages 24 – 25) under the heading Disciplinary Rules, is made up of Clause I and Clause II, with the former headed National Action by the Party and Action by CLPs respectively.

Clause I – National action by…

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Shhhh 2



Brilliant article from the fearless Mike Sivier of Vox Political fame.

I am not commenting further on this post, but will do so in the future when matters are concluded.

I did not set up this petition, it was set up by a Labour member who has not (yet) been suspended as they felt so strongly about the issue.

If you are a Labour member (suspended or not suspended) or an affiliated or registered supporter then please feel free to add your signature to this worthwhile cause should you so wish.


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#LabourPurge2 Data Protection breach reported to ICO


Yesterday I raised a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about a series of Data Protection breaches by the Labour Party.

It is now 44 days since I was suspended from the Labour Party on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations, and I still have not been told when my appeal might be heard. I have sent yet another chaser email to party HQ today.

In contrast to the silence from party HQ, many of those suspended from the party remain  committed to an open discussion of the Labour Purge. I therefore set out below the points I made in my complaint to the ICO:

I wish the ICO to assess the case, and confirm that the Labour Party has breached the Data Protection Act in its dealings with myself. My case is similar to that of thousands of other party members, who have been arbitrarily suspended by a group at Labour…

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