Energy bosses defend price hikes



Ian Lavery, a Labour MP, is on the attack about fuel poverty and profits.

“How can these profits be fair when people cannot afford to pay for their energy?”

William Morris of SSE insists that the industry’s profit margins are lower than the supermarkets, but adds “I do accept the point it is still a big number.”

The above is a comment made by SSE boss William Morris to the energy and climate change select committee.

Think about his comment for a minute … “profit margins are lower than supermarkets”

Dear Lord, is this man for bloody real OR WHAT!!!!

If you can’t afford to buy expensive food at supermakets then you can buy cheaper food, you can buy second hand clothes or make your own for example.

All these shysters are interested in is;

1 Their bonuses

2 Their shareholders dividends

I’ve posted a link to the hearing here,



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