David Cameron knows all about Human Rights abuses …

Well I have to admit I gasped, I laughed and then I despaired at the gross hypocrisy of David Cameron talking in Sri Lanka about Human Rights abuses.

My late father had a saying … ” you judge people by your own standards”

That is clearly what Cameron is doing here isn’t it? He thinks everybody is as dense as him and won’t notice the irony of  his governments breaches of Human Rights.

Lets look at a small sample of the well documented stories that illustrate that:-

A woman dying of cancer being threatened with eviction from her council house

A woman with feacal incontinence (amongst other things) being told by Atos that she was fit for work because the assesser said she could WEAR a nappy.

A man suffering a heart attack during his Atos assessment who had to go by ambulance to

hospital for treatment, only to receive a letter from Atos telling him that if he did not attend the assessment he would lose his benefits.

A JSA claimant being sanctioned for not seaching for jobs on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!

Reduction of legal aid

Making it more difficult (and costly) for employees to take their employer to a tribunal

I could go on and on, but I won’t most decent people know what’s really going on underneath the tory facade as they destroy our hard won rights.

The biggest Human Rights breach so far in this country is the governments desire to do away with the Act itself.

The 2015 election is on the horizon; I’ve no doubt the tories will dole out a few sweetners before then, hoping he will be elected.

In the meantime, he will dismantle public sevices and sell them off to private companies, which if you were prepared to dig a bit deeper, I suspect that you would find that the directors of these companies are mates of his or donate to the tory party.

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