Is fact stranger than fiction? When it comes to MP’s pay rises it is!

This is a response on one of the blogs I follow called JohnnyVoid. 

Read it … it’s quite thought provoking.

It’s pantomime season again and the biggest draw this year will be “THE M.P.’s PAY RISE”.

This lavish production has the backing of the “Independent Parliamentary Standards Troupe of Monkeys”, a chosen few, who will, no doubt be raising a glass of good fortune to themselves……


You are going to witness the show of a lifetime where MP’s will be playing out the event of the year…….

It’s no good shouting, “He’s behind you”, because we know it’s a creation of your own doing!

You are about to witness a contrivance, so intricate, that you will 

almost believe the contents…………………..

There will follow a big debate in which the people who purport to represent you, will declare that the proposed 11% rise is unjust at a time when austerity is the key issue.

Following this, in which many will claim that it was thrust upon them and not asked for, a smaller amount, maybe 5%, will finally be agreed upon…………………..

It will get backing from all sides of the house and be seen to be the “GREAT COMPROMISE THAT NEVER WAS”…………..

We are all in it together, was the biggest con ever enacted upon our people.
Anyone who believed it at the time must have been a total imbecile……

……and there you have it, a fiasco specially developed to fool the likes of, you and me, whilst delivering the goods to the greediest bastards in society, whilst purporting to be something they never asked for in the first place………….

Not such a bad deal in a time when there are more working families in poverty, than those not working.
Where people are being thrown out of their homes, disabled are robbed and the climate resembles that of the Dickensian Workhouse era……………

They have no shame, and the state of the country lays testament to the out of touch…………..

………if the electorate is to be given the right to vote on the issue of staying in Europe, why can’t it be granted the freedom to vote on all issues?……….

The answer is simple, it would go against the agenda that the banks, hedge funds and corporate giants seek to attain.

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