Would you buy a used car off any of this lot?





Or should that be would you buy UNIVERSAL CREDIT.

The Labour MP’s (Sheila Gilmour, Glenda Jackson, Anne Begg ) did give him a bit of a grilling at the Work & Pensions Select Committee today, but I feel they could have gone a lot further with their questioning.
Most of the discussion was of course about UC, but ESA was mentioned a few times.

One of the most annoying things he said was;

Duncan Smith says he has heard a lot of “moaning” about sanctions.

Debbie Abrahams says she is just representing her constituents.

“Moaning about sanctions”!!!!!! Too bloody right, I’d like to see that sanctimonius idiot manage without his wages.

I particularly liked Dame Anne Beggs reference to “lobster pot” apparantly,this is when, a single claimant joins UC and then has kids, or gets married but stays within UC.

He did fudge on some of the facts and figures with help from Shiplee, who frankly should know better.

Anne Begg told IDS that the committee had a memo off the DWP which said that the DWP has written off £40.1m because of changes to the IT needed for the project.

Duncan Smith says it is a relief to get the proper figure out in public. Some misleading figures have been released, he says.(and he should know…that’s all he does is quote misleading figures, in fact, I’d go so far to say he is a bit of a misleading figure himself)

Is this the final write-off? she asks,
That depends on whether anything else changes, Duncan Smith says.

Mike Driver then steps in and says the NAO has agreed that the DWP can list an IT system worth £151m as an asset. But it is writing off £40.1m.

Oh well, that’s OK then!

And to all you tecchies out there, I think this question to Shiplee says it all;

Q: What’s the difference between “waterfall” IT and “agile” IT.

Shiplee says a “waterfall” project is one where you start with a clear idea of what outcome you want. An “agile” one is one where you learn as you are going along.

Q: And what is this?

Shiplee says the implementation is “agile”.

I have to say that I am loving Glenda Jackson … she told IDS that whoever commissioned this project was an idiot! (this was during the Q&A session on 40% of the IT coding having to be written off)

Hmmm this is interesting, Shiplee is being questioned by Teresa Pearce(LAB);

Q: Is there a clawback if the software does not do what it is meant to do?

Shiplee says that in this market, firms will not do the work if they are expected to take all the risk.

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