The true meaning of Christmas (part 2)

Reposted from Mike Baker – DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)An ATOS xmas JOKE 

A single Dad, with Ankylosing Spondylitis and PTSD goes to an ATOS medical in early October. After being spoken to rudely for having no I.D, he is informed that his appointment has been cancelled anyway, so he will just have to wait. After struggling to walk down the longest corridor ‘ever’ seen to the assessment room, he has a flashback/anxiety attack and pushes over the ATOS assessor while trying to get out.
A) apply some common sense or reg 29 or 35 and put him in the support group?

 B)Put him in the WRAG because life long illnesses go away in 12 months, dont they?

C)Declare him fit for work as the assessment wasnt completed, getting his money stopped a week before xmas. And try to have him prosecuted for assault?

Yes, you guessed it, its C. Apparently if you have a heart attack mid assessment that is non compliance too, as it cannot be entered into the computer.

So screw you IDS and ATOS

A genuine THANKYOU to Sussex Police who refuse to prosecute and have shown more understanding and empathy of Mental Health issues than ATOS ‘medical’ staff.
And Thankyou to Southern Water who unexpectedly sent a water meter rebate yesterday, and saved XMAS for 3 great children.

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