Iain Duncan Smith’s 100 Biggest Failures.

Reposted from The Green Benches

Money Wastage

1.   Despite all the rhetoric about cutting welfare spending, it has actually increased by £24 billion this parliament (evidence & evidence)
2.      Iain Duncan Smith’s Departmental Spend on Private Consultants has jumped 59% in just 1 year (evidence)
3.      Iain Duncan Smith’s Departmental Spend on temporary staff has jumped 91% in just 1 year (evidence)
4.      £150million+ of taxpayers’ money has already been spent on court fees related to successful appeals against unfair WCA assessments (evidence)
5.      The DWP have written off £140million in overpaid Housing Benefit paid in error since October 2010 (evidence)
6.      £241m of taxpayers’ money is set to be wasted in IT overspend, including £34m write offs, for Iain Duncan-Smith’s Universal Credit says the National Audit Office (evidence)
7.      DWP Audited Accounts show that at least £90 million of IT spend on Universal Credit will have to be written off, a near trebling in the 3 months after the mentioned NAO report (above) (evidence)
8.      Iain Duncan Smith’s Department handed a £60million contract to a firm to carry out the Work Programme without putting the proper checks in place to detect fraud or irregularity says the NAO (evidence)
9.      Despite all of the tough talk on clamping down on benefit fraud it has remained the same over the last three years  (2010-11) (2011-12) (2012-13)



Targeting the Disabled

10.  3 judges found that the government’s Work capability Assessment discriminated against the mentally ill (evidence)
11.  475,000 Disabled People have been made to work unpaid on the Tory Work Programme (evidence)
12.  The number of disabled & sick people to suffer an ESA sanction has jumped by a third since 2009-10 (evidence)
13.  38% of those who appeal ESA sanctions have won their cases & have been found to be wrongly punished (evidence &evidence)
14.  Iain Duncan Smith withdrew funding for Remploy Factories that resulted in 34 of them closing (evidence)
15.  20,000 Medical Assessments, a year, of the sick & disabled for benefit eligibility are carried out in unprofessional circumstances (evidence)
16.  Since 2008 (so including the last years of New Labour), new benefit claimants have suffered, on average, 24 days of delays before receiving the Work Capability Assessment (evidence)



Failure of Work Programme(s)

17.  The Supreme Court threw out Iain Duncan Smith’s appeal that the Work Programme was legally flawed after an aspiring curator took a case against the DWP for forcing her to work unpaid (evidence  & evidence)
18.  The Tories have put in place a system where disabled 1.4 million people are sent on the Work Programme to work unpaid for firms including many multi-national corporations who avoid tax in the UK. The corporation is then paid a bonus payment for accepting the free labour (evidence). This is despite the Tory Minister saying that no big firm would benefit from cheap labour.
19.  Of the 1.4million to be placed on the Tory Work Programme, just 10% achieved a job outcome (evidenceevidence &evidence)
20.  At present, the Work Programme is on course to cost taxpayers £15,000 for every job it creates which may lead some to conclude that doing nothing would be more successful than the Work Programme  (evidenceevidence & evidence)
21.  The Tory Back to Work Scheme for Troubled Families wastes £200 million on helping just 3% of the families’ targeted (evidence)
22.  The amount of disabled people helped through Access to Work has fallen by 18% since the Tories came to power (evidence)


Failing our Youth

23.  Youth Unemployment is up 5% since May 2010(evidence) 
24.  Out of 200 leading businesses not a single 1 says it has employed a single person under the Youth Contract (evidence)
25.  The government’s Youth Contract scheme has been a monumental failure with just over 4,000 payments being made – a figure much lower than the 160,000 the government’s £457m scheme had planned (evidence)
26.  The Tories scrapped Labour’s Future Jobs Fund even though it has proved more than 5 times more successful than the Youth Contract (evidenceevidence & evidence)




27.  There are now 707 Food Banks operating in the UK, a growth of 613% since David Cameron became Prime Minister (evidence)
28.  The number of people using Trussell Trust Food Banks has grown from 40,000 in the last year under Labour to 500,000 in the 9 months from April-December 2013 (evidence)
29.  David Cameron turned down EU Cash for Food Banks says the European Parliament (evidence)
30.  The government halted the collection of Food Bank statistics to cover up an explosion in the number of people using them (evidence)
31.  As the nation debated hunger and the growth of food banks, the Minister responsible snuck out of the meeting (evidence)
32.  Iain Duncan Smith has treated the leading Food Bank charity Trussell Trust appallingly, first refusing to meet them and then accusing them of scaremongering (evidence)


Bedroom Tax

33.  250 Government MPs voted to inflict the Bedroom Tax on 660,000 Britons even though there were no homes available for 95% of those affected to actually move into (evidence)
34.  415,800 of those hit with the Bedroom Tax are disabled says Iain Duncan Smith’s team (evidence)
35.  1 in 5 of those hit with the Bedroom Tax are lone parents admits Iain Duncan Smith (evidence)
36.  The government introduced a Bedroom Tax of 14% on Homes deemed to be under-occupying 1 bedroom and a 25% charge on those deemed to be under-occupying 2 Bedrooms (Page 64)
37.  The government bungled the Bedroom Tax legislation allowing a loophole that exempted up to 40,000 to exist. One of those exempt took her own life before the loophole became known (evidence)
38.  David Cameron misled the House of Commons when he claimed that disabled people who needed a spare room were exempt from the Bedroom Tax (evidence). This could not be further from the truth.
39.  The governments expected savings from the Bedroom Tax were based on lazy calculations that will not be achieved says housing report (evidence)
40.  IDS wasted £75,000 of taxpayers’ cash on a Bedroom Tax poll (evidence)
41.  The United Nations judged that the UK was failing in its duty to provide adequate housing to its citizens, a breach of article 25 of the declaration of Human rights (evidence)



42.  This brilliant DPAC report highlights how Iain Duncan Smith has presided over 3 years of obfuscation and dishonesty in the Department of Work & Pensions (evidence)
43.  Hate Crime against disabled person jumped by a third in the first two years of a Tory government (evidence)
44.  Iain Duncan Smith said 100,000 are on benefits primarily due to drink and drugs but his own department show the figure is one fifth of that as 99%+ of those on sickness benefits are so for reasons other than drink or drugs. The Disabilities Minister also claimed more people were on the highest rate of DLA for drink & drunks than actually disabilities (evidence & evidence &evidence)
45.  Iain Duncan-Smith stigmatised benefit claimants as fraudsters despite the fact that just 0.7% of benefits was is overpaid in Fraud in 2012-13 (evidence & evidence)
46.  A growing percentage, 47%, of unemployed persons no longer claim Unemployment Benefit as the impact of government stigmatisation takes hold (evidence)
47.  In an attempt to shift blame to the unemployed, for being unemployed, IDS claimed there were ½ a million new jobs available every week. The truth is ten times smaller than that figure (evidence)
48.  In an attempt to blame worklessness as a cultural thing handed down from the generations IDS had this to say (evidence). This JRF report showed that the actual truth was that intergenerational worklessness was extremely rare (evidence)
49.  Iain Duncan Smith & his Department stated that there were families living in large houses claiming £100,000 a year in benefits, but the data shows that there are just 59 families in the UK claiming £48k+ in benefits a 00.00001% of the number of people on benefits (evidence)


Premature Death

50.  The number of Suicides has climbed 8% in 1 year (evidence)
51.  7 people are known to have committed or attempted to commit suicide, in part, due to the Bedroom Tax (evidence)
52.  1,100 persons died in the period after a Work Capability Assessment ruled that they would be fit to work at some point in the future and that they should begin to ready themselves for work (Work Related Activity Group) (evidence)


Fuel Poverty

53.  There are 800,000 more households are living in Fuel Poverty say USwitch, despite government data showing otherwise (evidence)
54.  The government have changed the definition of fuel poverty to hide the impact that recent price rises will have on the figures (evidence)
55.  The Warm Homes Healthy People Fund saved lives from Winter Death (evidence) but the David Cameron has now axed it after initially promising otherwise (evidence)
56.  As gas prices rise 30% under the Tories, the number of excess Winter Deaths has jumped 29% in just 1 year (evidence)



57.  The number of Working Poor has overtaken the number of out of work poor under the Tories say the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (evidence)
58.  The number of in-work households now relying on Housing Benefits has doubled to over 1 million under the Tories says Iain Duncan Smith’s Department (evidence)
59.  The number of Children in Child Poverty is up 300,000 (13%) under the Tories after having fell 50% under Labour say the Office for National Statistics (evidence)
60.  The number of UK people At Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion has grown by 1,689,000 since 31 December 2009 says European Statistics Agency (evidence)
61.  2.2 million people classed as being in poverty in 2008 are no longer classed as poor even though their incomes have fallen since then (Page 14)



62.  According to the UK Statistics Authority, Iain Duncan Smith’s Department lied about the success of the Benefit Cap (evidence)
63.  Homelessness has increased by at least 26% under the Tories (evidence)
64.  Rough Sleeping in London has grown 85% since Boris Johnson became Mayor (evidence)
65.  The replacement of Council Tax Benefit with Council Tax Support meant that 2.4 million of the poorest households from April 2013 were left paying more (evidence)
66.  Despite nearly half of homes being deemed Sub-Standard, Iain Duncan-Smith’s Universal Credit Bill forces the poor to move into the lowest 33% of accommodation (Page 19 & Annex 3.3)


67.  The government cut the Child Maintenance Enforcement budget by £116m & charged parents to apply for Child Enforcement Assistance (evidence)
68.  George Osborne cut Child Tax Credits for middle-income households earning collectively £40,000-£50,000 a year (evidence)
69.  In June 2010 the Tories froze Child Benefit Payments for 3 years, axed Sure Start Maternity Grants and abolished Child Trust Fund payments (Page 48)
70.  From January 2013, the Tories axed Child Benefit for middle income households with a pre-tax income of £50,000 (Page 64)
71.  In 2011-12 the government cut the funding for Childcare by 10% (amounting to a £4bn cut over 5 years) (Page 44)



72.  DWP, the department that is supposed to boost employment has axed 16,580 of its own staff in just two years (evidence)
73.  The last publicly available data showed that the Tories had closed, or were in the process of closing 44 Jobcentres (evidence)
74.  Jobcentre Plus Staff have been cut by a fifth at a time when they are needed more than ever, including nearly 1,000 axed in the first year (evidence & evidence)
75.  The Jobcentre Plus budget was cut by £160 million in the first year of a Tory government (evidence)
76.  The Institute of Fiscal Studies say benefits for the sick & disabled have been cut by 1.7% in real terms in just 1 year (evidence)
77.  In 2011, the Tories froze the basic element of Working Tax Credits for 3 years (Page 44)
78.  The government have frozen benefits for 3 years at below the rate of inflation amount to real terms cut of £1,000 per person affected (evidence)


Unequal treatment of mothers

79.  From 2015, Lone Parents (90% of whom are women) will be required to prepare for work once a child turns 3 (evidence)
80.  A real terms cut of 1-2% per year Statutory Maternity Pay is being implemented over three years, in a policy opponents have dubbed the “Mummy Tax” (evidence)
81.  The majority of the people hit by Iain Duncan Smith’s Benefit Cap are lone parents (evidence)
82.  Female Unemployment is up 5% since May 2010(evidence)
83.  Long Term Female Unemployment up 80% since May 2010(evidence) 
84.  The Institute of Fiscal Studies show that the vast majority of married couples will not even be eligible for the Married Tax Allowance, a policy that is rooted in ideology not economics (evidence)



85.  Temporary Workers seeking Full Time Work is up 8% since May 2010(evidence)  
86.  Part Timers seeking Full Time work is up 36% since May 2010(evidence) 
87.  Tory claims about employment/unemployment mask the truth. Unemployment is down just0.08m since May 2010, and the number of private sector jobs really created by the Tories is at about 300,000k less than they claim(evidence, evidence & evidence) 



Workers’ Rights

88.  The government made it easier to fire people by halving the amount of redundancy notice required (evidence)
89.  Through the introduction of the Shares for Rights scheme that critics argue opens up a £1 billion tax loophole & rob workers of their statutory rights (evidence)
90.  Breaches of the National Minimum Wage have climbed nearly a third under Iain Duncan Smith as he dithers on giving Councils the right to investigate breaches (evidence)
91.  Unpaid Employment is up 26% since May 2010(evidence)


Anti-Immigration Rhetoric

92.  The UK Statistics Authority wrote to Iain Duncan Smith to publicly disown statistics that emanated from the DWP Office on the Nationality of Benefit Claimants (evidence).
93.  DWP continue to stigmatise migrants despite the fact that a European wide report into the prevalence of EU Migrants claiming benefits found they were 150% less likely to claim benefits than a UK born citizen (evidence & evidence)
94.  Iain Duncan Smith’s Department stoked fears about waves of immigrants coming from Romania & Bulgaria to claim benefits when all evidence indicates that these fears were ill founded (evidence)



Universal Credit

95.  The government admits it will fail to miss its own deadline for the roll out of Universal Credit by up to 2 years (evidence)


Pensions & Retirement

96.  Iain Duncan Smith has increased the age of retirement to 68 (and it will rise further) (evidence)
97.  The National Audit Office says the outcomes of the new auto-enrolment pensions are “uncertain” and that ultimately the taxpayer may end up footing the bill (evidence)



This is only the beginning

98.  Post 2015, Iain Duncan Smith is strongly considering abolishing ESA for those categorised at WRAG (evidence)
99.  From 2015, the Tories have said they will ban under-25 year olds from claiming Housing Benefit (evidence)
100.                      George Osborne has announced £25bn of more cuts, mostly on welfare, to pay for his failure to achieve economic growth (evidence)
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