Hypocritical Tories plan attack on pensioners while protecting themselves

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It seems the Conservatives cannot wait to betray their most loyal voting group. If you are a pensioner – beware!

As trailed on Vox Political last November, the Department for Work and Pensions appears to be planning to delete the cold weather payment from its chequebook, along with free bus passes and free TV licences.

We already know that the age at which the state pension will be paid is rising, meaning people will have to continue working for longer before they qualify for the £144/week payment (with a minimum National Insurance record of 30 full years). This is a betrayal of promises made by both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in their document ‘The Coalition: Our Programme for Government’.

Because life expectancy depends on where you live and your social class, this means many poorer people will enjoy only three-to-six years of retirement on average, while richer pensioners get…

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5 Responses to Hypocritical Tories plan attack on pensioners while protecting themselves

  1. annak53 says:

    The petition against the discriminatory changes to the State Pension Law now stands at 9302. Please continue to share.

    Here’s the short link to Vox Political’s blog for Tweeting. The link to the petition is included in the blog. http://wp.me/p262ZD-17k

    Thanks again


  2. annak53 says:

    Update re petition. It currently stands at 13,866. Please continue to share. Thanks



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