First PIP statistics released today in DWP silence

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Expect a flood of appeals?

You’d have thought we’d had enough of floods….

But the first DWP statistics for the new Personal Independence Payment look as though tribunals already caving in under the pressure of over 1 million Employment & Support Allowance appeals will be flooded with a further tsunami of ‘PIP’ appeals.  

Despite government’s assurances that the new payment for disabled people would result in thousands being better off as illustrated in the above graph (relating to DWP’s own ‘case load’ projections), the early results show most are likely to lose out.  

Here’s the low down, the figures for April 2013 to December 2013…..

229,700 Total number of claims

Just 43,800 claims decided

37% success rate for non – terminally 
ill claimants

just 12,654 awards made unless 
you claim on the grounds of a 
terminal illness

All the hype over the new Personal Independence Payment and the DWP Press Office goes all quiet on us, not a ‘pip squeak’ in the form of a Tweet from them.  The DWP’s very first statistical report shamefully avoids mentioning how many will end up with an award.  The report confirms that just 43,800 decisions have been made out of approaching a quarter of a million claims.  

Of the 43,800 decisions, 9,600 related to claimants who claimed on the grounds of a terminal illness (100% being allowed), of the remaining 34,200 just 37% ended up with an award.  To their complete discredit, the DWP bolster up the abysmal ‘success’ rate for claimants by adding in the the terminally ill to show 50% ‘succeed’.

These results are so shameful, even the DWP is ashamed of them; and so they should be!

Wait for the forthcoming headlines in the right wing tabloids…..

“5 in 10 scroungers turned down under new strict disability benefits rules!”

Of course, just like Employment & Support Allowance what they won’t tell you is how many go on and successfully appeal the new unfair test.  

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