Hungry Britain?

Hungry Britain?

Darragh MacIntyre investigates the dramatic rise in the number of food banks in Britain.

Dear all,

you may be interested in watching this tonight.

I don’t know what the actual content will be, but I will issue a little word of warning…. this is the BBC, which seems to be a mouthpiece of the Tory party, so…. there is every possibility we’ll get the ” free food” argument so beloved of Lord Fraud  Freud.

I’ve just finished watching the programme and it’s nothing that we didn’t already know;

  • 875,000 benefit sanctions last year
  • in 11 months, 133,000 were overturned; that’s 400 a day!
  • it takes weeks to challenge the appeal and get the cash back
  • Edwina Curry does not accept that there is a food poverty crisis
  • nobody from the DWP, cabinet office or PM’s office wanted to be interviewed about food poverty/benefit sanctions … quelle suprise!
  • Dr David Webster from the University of Glasgow has been researching the sanctions and states that the claimant is left for a lengthy period with no money which leads to complete destitution
  •  Foodbanks in England & Wales say that the single biggest driver for their use is …… (drum roll please) BENEFIT SANCTIONS
  • One interesting fact that I didn’t know is that the programme makers contacted every council in England & Wales who confirmed that £2.9 million pounds of public money is given to foodbanks


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