Tax Dodger Street?

Now, here’s a radical concept.

Channel 4 recently televised “Benefits Street”. I must admit, I didn’t watch it, but I saw reports in the Daily Heil and the Torygraph, to name but a few about the scum that lived off benefits (their words not mine)

Recently Jayne Linney and Tom Pride over at Prides Purge voiced their concerns as to how poking fun at people in poverty was the new circus.

Now, maybe the BBC (oh, maybe not, they’re full of tax dodgers) could screen a programme called Tax Dodger Street.

I say street, but as it would have to be based in Switzerland, where most of the tax dodgers seem to hide their money, I guess it would have to be called Tax Dodger Strasse.

So, who would live on a strasse like this? (apologies to Lloyd Grossman)

  1. AMAZON – Amazons UK subsidary paid £2.4 m in corporate taxes last year, the online retailers accounts show, despite making sales of £4.3 BILLION! The tax bill was almost as much as the £2.5m in government grants Amazon received over the same period, according to a Companies House filing. The taxes are relatively low compared to sales because the company earns its profits in Luxembourg. Yeah right!
  2. BARCLAYS – Barclays said in 2011 it was working to cut the number of its offshore subsidiaries in the Caymans, but research shows it still had more than 120 subsidiaries in the Caribbean territory, along with dozens of others in overseas jurisdictions with low tax rates or limited disclosure rules to other tax authorities.
  3. BOOTS – The multinational pharmacy – led health chain avoided at least £1.12 billion in tax since being taken over by a private equity firm in 2007, according to a report commissioned by Unite union. This amount would be enough to pay for two years prescription charges in England, the starting wages of 78,000 nurses or 5.2 million ambulance call; makes you think doesn’t it!
  4. HMRC – Since HMRC was formed, 50% of jobs have been slashed. Some 281 enquiry centres (where members of the public can walk in and get help with their tax queries) are threatened with closure, along with 1,300 jobs. There is a further threat to 4,000 fixed term appointment staff and to the future of 21 offices. HMRC cuts are a gift to tax dodging corporations and individuals.
  5. STARBUCKS – Starbucks has paid £8.6m in corporation tax in its 14 years of trading in the UK and NOTHING in the last 3 years. The company had UK sales of nearly £400m in 2011 but has reported a taxable profit only once in its 15 years of operating in the UK.
  6. VODAFONE – Vodafone paid NO corporation tax for the second year in a row., it was revealed today in it’s annual report. The company had sales of £5 billion in the UK in the year to March and made an operating profit of £294 million, according to its results.

Benefits Street, seems to pale into insignificance now doesn’t it?

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