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Would you Adam and Eve it?

Reposted from the Guardian Bishops at the Church of England’s General Synod last year. Photograph: Graeme Robertson The Church of England faces the prospect that last year’s controversy over its investment in Wonga could be reignited after the body that advises the … Continue reading

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The minimum income is 2.5 times what people get on benefits – but still they are labelled scroungers

Originally posted on Mike Sivier's blog:
The numbers speak for themselves: Under ‘Adequacy of safety-net benefits’, EVERY SINGLE INCOME GROUP has lost out. While others have suffered a great percentage drop, single working-age people remain the least able to…

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MOJ strike against privatisation

Reposted from PCS website  Hundreds of our members are striking today against Ministry of Justice plans to privatise their work, with the threat of sensitive data being sent overseas. Don’t offshore our jobs and data, is the message from our … Continue reading

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Tory Tax Merger Could See The End Of National Insurance

photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin   A future Conservative government may merge National Insurance with Income Tax, in a move designed to ‘simplify’ the UK’s taxation system, the Independent newspaper has reported today (30 June 2014). The move would see basic level taxpayers parting with … Continue reading

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Victory for union campaign as Land Registry sell-off plan reportedly scrapped

Reposted from PCS website Commenting on reports today the government will scrap its plan to sell off the Land Registry, a PCS spokesman said: “This would be a victory for the thousands of Land Registry staff who campaigned with industry … Continue reading

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Why stubborn Iain Duncan Smith is no statesman

Reposted from the Observer Now I know I may seem as if I am IDS bashing of late *slaps self on wrist* but all I would say is that he’s in the News so much because everything he touches turns … Continue reading

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IDS accusing the BBC of biased reporting against DWP (or – are the rats deserting the sinking ship?)

Reposted from the Daily Fail Mail  Oooh he’s got a face I’d like to slap! Attack: Iain Duncan Smith accused the BBC of being ‘relentlessly negative’ in its coverage of welfare reform Iain Duncan Smith has launched the strongest government … Continue reading

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Protesters occupy Westminster against cuts to disability care funding

Reposted from the Guardian This protest is trending on twitter, but surprise, surprise no mention of it on BBC! Trends  · Change #BRAvsCHI Westminster Abbey #HowardWebb #TDP14 #tcot Brazil and Chile #penalties Omg Willian Pinilla Scolari There are approximately 200 police for … Continue reading

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6,000 complaints to the BBC regarding (non) coverage of anti austerity march

Owen Jones speaks to Samira Ahmed about the biased BBC not giving coverage to the anti austerity march through London last Saturday. He accuses the BBC of bias, supported by research from Cardiff University, which illustrated that the BBC were … Continue reading

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PM evades question about HMRC privatisation as strike continues

This government continue to cut public services to the bone whilst increasing payments to private companies… remember, it is YOUR personal details that these private companies will then have access to; your address, your national insurance number, your bank details, … Continue reading

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