Tories accused of kidnapping dementia sufferer to vote for them in Newark

Vox Political

It seems Conservative Party representatives have lowered themselves as far as kidnapping the bewildered in order to get votes.

The following was passed on to Vox Political by a person who wishes to remain anonymous, apparently after seeing it in a Daily Mirror comment column. I’ve edited it a bit for grammar and spelling:

“Just want all the people of Newark to know exactly what they voted for regarding the Conservative win recently.

“My 89-year-old nan, who suffers from dementia, who requires three visits from carers per day as she can’t remember how to cook, wash clothes or take her own medication (lacking in basic life skills), last Thursday evening was approached by a Conservative associate who knocked on her door.

“If you had a five-minute conversation with this lady it would not take much intelligence to work out the fact that she’s not only vulnerable but her mind is…

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