Scottish workers go on strike over job cuts

Reposted from the Scotsman 

Sometimes, members of the public complain when civil servants go on strike.

Civil servants do not carry out their role in the anticipation of making a profit for shareholders, they do their job to provide a service to the public. They are concerned about their lack of pay increases (no pay rise for the last 5 years and a 1% pay rise this year) which effectively means a pay cut due to the rises in food, fuel, utility bills and transport costs. They are concerned at the closure of 241 HMRC enquiry centres, (where members of the public can walk in and get help with tax and National Insurance, tax credit and Student Loan queries) with the public being left to either ‘phone or go on line for assistance. They are concerned at the savage reduction in staff in many departments, particularly experienced staff. They are concerned at the creeping privatisation of the Civil service. They are concerned about senior civil service and ministers who refuse to have any meaningful dialogue over pay, terms and conditions and degradation of services to the public.  

As someone once said, “if you don’t fight you won’t win but if you do fight, you’re in with a chance”

TAX workers are expected to go on strike today in a dispute over job cuts.

Thousands of employees in Scotland will take part in the action over a fall in staff numbers and office closures, according to the Public and Commercial Services union.

The walkout forms part of a week of strikes affecting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) offices.

The union said it was also considering other forms of industrial action such as a ban on overtime.

It is also holding a ballot over pay-related industrial action which is expected to start in July.

John Davidson, PCS HMRC assistant group secretary said: “Members are extremely angry that staffing numbers in HMRC have fallen from 104,000 in 2005 to a projected 60,000 next year.

“The latest plans to sack another 22,000 on top of this will lead to the kind of backlogs we’ve seen in other parts of the civil service such as the delays in the processing of passports, leading to an unacceptable level of customer service and further hardship for our undervalued, overworked and underpaid members.”

Staff in Scotland go on strike today, with workers elsewhere in the UK striking for one day on various days this week.


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