Is David Camerons’madness getting worse?

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Seeing as how the Tories are so “caring” (stop laughing) about mental health, I think it’s time to look at the madness of King CaMORON;

madcJust as we are getting to the time when the current government will well and truly bite the dust, it seems that the madness of David Cameron is going into overdrive.

First of all, he tries to railroad his mass surveillance policy through Parliament (having failed in his tactics on several occasions), and is forced to make significant changes in the hope of gaining all party support.

Then we have his lunatic comments on Israel’s genocidal activities in the Gaza Strip (also known as an open prison) where he defends Israel’s disproportionate actions against Palestinian civilians. No doubt he would have made a very different statement if the same thing were happening in Iran or Syria.

In yet another lunatic statement, on the day that public sector workers took strike action against the government’s ridiculous and unnecessary ‘austerity’ policies, Cameron has stated that he will crack down on public sector strikes if his party is elected into government next year.

All this (and probably a whole lot more) in one week. How on earth can a person be so deluded and out of touch with reality? If ever there was an archetypal government idiot, then Cameron has got to be it.

Perhaps he never thinks about anything that a prime minister should do (such as what is best for the citizens of the country) and focuses on his own views, opinions, and objectives regardless of evidence or mass opinion to the contrary.

Surrounded by idiots and sycophants to reinforce his delusions (and ‘advise’ him based on their own objectives) Cameron has lost the core concept of government – to serve the people.

Cameron and his party were not elected to govern the country, they became part of a coalition by default. No one wanted Cameron as prime minister – and now it is evident why.

Since being in power Cameron and his party have doggedly sought to introduce their own policies for their own purposes. NOT ONCE have they introduced anything that is a result of wider public opinion. NOT ONCE have they introduced any legislation to help society. Quite the opposite. They have continually tried to get oppressive legislation introduced directly or by stealth means.

Cronyism has never been more alive than during the term of the current government.

Even when they are caught-out, Cameron and his band of idiots just ignore public concerns or try smoke and mirrors tactics to keep the hounds at bay.

Cameron’s devious tactics concerning the sale of Royal Mail have been criticised across the political spectrum, and it is clearly evident that he and his cronies have manipulated the sale to make an enormous profit – a profit that has cost the taxpayer AT LEAST £1 BILLION!

Then there is the foreign aid fiasco. Cameron has introduced legislation (did you hear about it?) to make sure that the enormous increase in the UK’s contribution could not be altered – what he and his cronies call ‘ring-fencing’. In fact, what he has done has given more money to the Department of International Development to give to his cronies (also called ‘preferred partners’) who gain very lucrative contracts (usually at the expense of the local population) even more cash through the back door.

And there is more!

Cameron and his cronies have sought to privatise every part of OUR public services they think they can get away with.

The welfare system is a good example. Cameron et al create a situation where local authorities and public service providers find it near impossible to cope with the demands for and on their services, then another of his government’s ‘preferred partners’ are brought in to take up the slack – funded by the taxpayer – again, highly lucrative contracts that the pubic are paying for.

Instead of taxpayers money going to public services it is being diverted into private companies – companies that will no doubt show their appreciation when appointing board members or employing ‘consultants’ in the future (think of Tony Blair as an example).

International affairs have not escaped the deluded Cameron either.

Remember the G8 last year, when Cameron said there was ‘evidence’ that Syria had used chemical weapons, and that the UK had a duty to send supplies to the ‘rebels’? It turned out that there was little support for supporting a terrorist regime and Cameron soon found himself floundering as the ‘evidence’ he relied on was exposed as a lie. He faced further embarrassment when Parliament blocked his proposal. So not only is he totally out of touch with the public, but members of his own party (who didn’t succumb to his bullying tactics) and Parliament as a whole.

There are so many other examples of how Cameron and his cronies have attempted to introduce repressive legislation and manipulate public opinion for their own ends. A far from glowing record of public service – although Cameron and his cronies seem to see government more as self-service.

What amazes us is that some of the population in the UK still vote for the Conservatives – even though many of the Conservative membership are not at all happy with the performance of government.

Are these people total  imbeciles or are they being lazy and find it far too much effort to think about important issues, so bury their head in their own little sand bubbles hoping they will escape the effects of draconian policies?

No doubt Cameron will continue in the same deluded way he had conducted himself in for the past few years – we really can’t see the idiot changing so late in the day. If anything, we will probably see more repressive policies and smoke and mirrors as he and his ilk desperately try to salvage something from the damage they have done since being in power.


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2 Responses to Is David Camerons’madness getting worse?

  1. JC says:

    The present political voting system simply isn’t working because it does not represent the views of the people. Finally, we have the opportunity to change that.

    In the last election only 23% of the population actually voted for this Government. A lot of people voted for a party they didn’t really want in as a “protest vote” and a huge number of people didn’t vote at all. Despite what the media would have you believe this was not due to laziness or apathy but, because they have no faith in any of the politicians/parties.

    I just signed the petition “UK Elections: Include ‘None of the Above’ on all ballot papers.”

    This campaign is VERY important and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:


  2. jaypot2012 says:

    I too have signed the above petition – I believe in a one man, one vote system, not by chopping up the UK into areas and having small areas for Cons voters and huge areas for Labour etc. If it had been a one man, one vote system in place for the last election, Cameron wouldn’t have even been able to wipe his shoes in Downing Street.
    I cannot, for the life of me, understand how the people of this country have let a coalition, with the senior party as tories, get away with everything that they have done! They have destroyed our country and sent us back to the early 20th century.
    I know people say that it’s because the people are so discontented with their choice of party and MP, but it still has to be a lot of idleness and fear of losing what they have – the “I’m alright Jack” society – the ones that have a little won’t help out those who have nothing – I have never known that to happen in the lower classes, (and the middle classes as well), before, and it’s a sad, sad situation.


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