They think it’s all over ….. it isn’t!

In celebration of the Football World Cup, Nick over at ILegal has this to say:-

5 World Cup stadiums wouldn’t be big enough 
to seat every benefit claimant awaiting a 
sickness assessment!

As we speak, assume 200,000 people fill the Maracana football stadium in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil as Germany & Argentina fight it out for the World Cup.

In Great Britain we would need five of these massive stadiums to seat around 750,000 people awaiting a basic sickness test & somewhere near 250,00 awaiting disability tests.  That’s around one million people going by for months on end without the much needed cash they need to live on.

This is the state of chaos which exists within Great Britain as we go about the most atrocious welfare reforms we’ve ever seen.  In Great Britain we don’t consider this to be a national scandal!

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15 Responses to They think it’s all over ….. it isn’t!

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    A good point well made.


  2. Methusalada says:

    Oh no it isn’t !


  3. Methusalada says:

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    Oh no it isn’t ! We half our own second half schedule to play & you have a twat goal keeper !


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  5. The worst think is that not only have the Tories and Lib Dem orchestrated this savage brutality but they are STILL endlessly dreaming up new schemes and purges to chastise, punish, harass and kill those on benefits. Bedroom Tax and other measures have been driving more and more people out of their homes, and various forms of employment are now a re-invention of slavery. Social Cleansing. The Tories always said they wanted to return to Conservative Values, but that was just a cover. Welcome to the New Feudalism, where Robber Barons have all the wealth and privileges and everyone else is theirs to exploit and dispose of.


  6. jaypot2012 says:

    But doesn’t it really serve us right? We have millions unemployed and millions more on other kinds of benefits, yet no-one has done anything about it.
    We have had over 4 years to do something to get rid of this unelected coalition yet the majority of people just sit back and let it happen. What happened to us as people?
    Are we that scared of losing a job that pays crap wages which you need benefits to top up? Are we scared of going “self-employed” to go around with Kleenex catalogues and other sh!t and still need benefits to top up any money that we “may” get?
    Are we so scared of the little “hitlers” at the job-center that we fumble with our words and get sanctioned for saying the wrong – or even right, thing?
    Are we so scared that we go for slave labour to companies that could well create permanent well paid jobs but won’t because they can get another slave, then another, then another…
    The disabled are fighting for their lives and yet protests have gone on all over the country at times, especially against Atos, yet hardly anyone, (and indeed no-one), turned up to show solidarity, or did they all think it was worthless to try doing things like that?
    I honestly don’t know what has happened to us – we are too scared to get out there and take this government down – it’s the “I’m alright Jack” society and we have to blame ourselves.
    Well we don’t really need to fight yet as they are supposed to have a General Election next year – aren’t they? Did you know that Cameron and Co could actually stop that happening?
    In the meantime, with less than a year go for the election, more cuts are happening – Gidiot wants the whole Welfare System shut down, and sooner the better – the “Establishment” are getting the 3 water cannons ready (for what?) – and something is going to happen in the next few months that is going to have people demonstrating in the streets!
    In the meantime more disabled and long-term sick will die due to being found fit for work, sanctioned for not going to have their mental health suddenly be fine again ‘cos they have been for help, when we all know that it doesn’t happen like that and to get help can be a wait of up to 2 years. Anything that is left to sell will be sold, zero hour contracts will become the norm and more and more parents will see their children starve, or starve themselves and make themselves ill in order for their kids to eat. Crime will go through the roof as starving people try to get food or money for their family – and because the jails are full then instead of a prison sentence, they’ll be fined and to get the money back they’ll be sanctioned for however many months.
    I don’t even want to think what will happen once the interest rates go up, and up.
    God help us all – except the 1%.


    • @jaypot2012 Everybody is allowed to feel down from time to time sweetie, so don’t worry about that. There seems to be so much going on at the moment; the child abuse scandal and the loss of 114 files, the possibility of enforced medication/treatment for the mentally ill (personally, I don’t think that ones got legs – there has to be consent to treatment; otherwise it’s assault, unless and only unless you are sectioned under the Mental Health Act and even then there is the safeguard of a second opinion doctor as well as an appointed advocate for the patient) the data retention and investigatory powers (DRIP) being rushed through, the rise in food bank usage, the chaos of PIP/DLA/ESA/WCA/UC, attempted closure of ILF, Atos deaths, etc and I’m sure I’ve missed loads out. However, over the past few months, I have felt a sea change. I truly believe that even able bodied, full time workers are now becoming aware of the insidious cruelty and spite of this unelected government. I’ve noticed that the BBC and the Telegraph, who normally support Tory polices are finding it difficult to that in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
      We don’t have to fight fire with fire, the internet can be our weapon, to get the truth out there so that in May 2015 most people will be fully informed before making their vote. X X X


  7. jaypot2012 says:

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    My thoughts are on the page – I’m feeling really down today 😦


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  9. Nathanael says:

    You’re right, 5 stadiums wouldn’t be enough! Out of interest, I thought I’d look up the actual size of the Maracana stadium in Brazil, on the FIFA website, and its current holding capacity is just 95,000 people!

    So, you’d actually need just over 10 of those stadiums, to hold everyone who was awaiting a benefit decision! I was shocked at 5, but 10?!! :O

    Like you say, how people don’t consider this a national scandal is beyond me!


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