9 disturbing things you should know about Cameron’s reshuffle

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1. The Minister for Equalities but not equal marriage

Nicky Morgan has replaced Gove at Education, while keeping the Minister for Women brief she has had since Maria Miller’s resignation. This morning, Cameron also announced  she was being given the Equalities brief, except… she voted against equal marriage. To get around the problem of having your Minister for Equalities opposing your flagship equalities policy, they have given Nick Boles, the new Minister of State for Business and Education, the job of dealing with same-sex marriage.

2. EU Commissioner doesn’t want to be EU Commissioner

Lord Hill has become the new EU Commissioner, but in an interview with Conservative Home last yearhe was asked whether he would want the job – and he replied: “Non, non, non.” LabourList would like to extend our congratulations to him on the role.

It’s not the first time he’s been stuck with a job he doesn’t like. In September 2012, he went for a meeting with David Cameron and resigned from his post as Secretary of State for Schools. Except Cameron didn’t notice that he was quitting. Hill remained in the job for anther four months.

3. “Sack Cameron” Osborne ally will now attend Cabinet

Last week, Matt Hancock posed in front of graffiti that said “Sack Cameron”. This week, he gets promoted. Hancock is the new Minister f State for Business, Enterprise and Energy, and he will now attend Cabinet.

It’s good news for George Osborne in the positioning for next leader, as Hancock is a well recognised Osborne ally. While Gove’s leadership star may have fallen, his new role as Chief Whip makes him best placed to judge who the Tory backbenchers are likely to support to replace Cameron. Osborne’s biggest threat will still be May, but Hammond’s promotion to Foreign Secretary may raise his hopes.

4. Minister who broke the law welcomed back after just five months

Mark Harper resigned as an immigration minister in February, because it turned out he was employing a cleaner who was in the country illegally. Just five months later, and he’s back in a job, as a Minister at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Just a reminder, Harper was the minister responsible for the “Go home” immigrations vans – which were so bad even Nigel Farage called them “nasty”. Nice to see there’s another compassionate voice in the DWP, then.

5. New Science minister believes in homeopathy

Greg Clark has been given a job as Minister for Universities and Science, replacing David Willetts. In 2007, Clark signed an Parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) welcoming “the positive contribution made to the health of the nation by the NHS homeopathic hospitals”.

6. Defence Secretary lost £1billion at Post Office

Michael Fallon has been promoted to Defence Secretary. As Minister of State for Business, Fallon overlooked the sale of Royal Mail, in which the Government underpriced the Royal Mail by around £1 billion.

7. Treasury minister supports the death penalty

Priti Patel has been dubbed the ‘modern-day Norman Tebbit’. Amongst her eye-wateringly right wing views is a firm belief that Britain should reinstate the death penalty.

8. Foreign Sec doesn’t know the difference between Saddam and Assad

As LabourList have already reported this morning, the new Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, last year showed that he does not know the difference between Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad – even though Saddam had been dead since 2006. Still, knowing the names of Middle East dictators is probably as complex as things get in that job.

9. The Wales Secretary thinks the position is “meaningless”

Stephen Crabb has been promoted to Wales Secretary, a job he described as “emptied and somewhat meaningless” in an article he wrote in 2007. Goodto see so many of Cameron’s new appointments have such appetite for their roles.

And that’s before we even mention Amber Rudd

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23 Responses to 9 disturbing things you should know about Cameron’s reshuffle

  1. aturtle05 says:

    You missed the important one – IDS hasn’t been RTU’d! More bad press about Welfare Reforms and he leaves the stupid twit in post? Oh well, he didn’t want to be PM in a year anyway!


  2. discordion says:

    Reblogged this on discordion {Artist Ian Pritchard} and commented:

    Minister who broke the LAW has been welcomed back after just five months!

    Mark Harper resigned as an immigration minister in February, because it turned out he was EMPLOYING a cleaner who was in the country ILLEGALLY.

    Just five months later, and he’s back in a job, as a Minister at the Department for Work and Pensions!

    Just a reminder, Harper was the minister responsible for the “Go home” immigrations vans – which were so bad even Nigel Farage called them “nasty”.

    Nice to see there’s another compassionate voice in the DWP, then???
    READ more about those “promoted” in the reshuffle…


    • Methusalada says:

      Summons for Discordion)- The chief executioner in the DWP the RHon the IDS awaits your not widely discussed opinions & concerns on Tower Hill . You are allowed to bring a one cleaner ! Maybe YOUR time has finally arrived for new & more meaningful adventure ? Or are you now to become one of those inthe silent brooding sheep brigade ?
      You shall have to fill out the new job opportunities scheme first !
      Then apply to Ms Wobbly for an application form & return within 2 weeks !
      Note :- The form not Ms Wobbly.


  3. stewilko says:

    Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    All this political news is great, although the news behind the scenes is much more interesting. When will we see the political journalists from each of our national press, specifically the BBC (supposedly politically unbiased) ask Nick Robinson), the telegraph (tory biased) or guardian (not sure where they stand, don’t think they do), the independent or indy (only for Owen Jones I wouldn’t bother to read). When will they start doing their jobs let British people see behind all this crap. Or, more importantly, when are the opposition going to wake up. Ten months until we see a new government. Isn’t about time this coalition, more so Lyndon Crosby (I believe that is his correct namel) gets a taste of their own medicine.


  4. Mark. says:

    What a load of left wing claptrap.


  5. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


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  7. duck foot says:

    Would it be that hard to make somebody the equalities minister that actually believed in equality and shouldn’t Nicky Morgan be concentrating solely on the screwed up education system? Or a DWP minister who hadn’t broken the law to employ an illegal immigrant?? If Lord Hill doesn’t want the over paid job then I will have a go, cant be that hard to insult and upset every other European leader to the point they wonder who invited you to the party!!…in fairness to Gove he was the 2nd most toxic Tory, IDS still has the title of the most disgraceful Tory.


  8. MIB says:

    Here’s a bonus one concerning Nick Gibb who has been made Minister of State for Schools and is alleged to have said in 2010 to officials at the Department of Education that he would

    “rather have a physics graduate from Oxbridge without a PGCE teaching in a school than a physics graduate from one of the rubbish universities with a PGCE”.

    Just in case anyone was worried that any Oxbridge bias would have been reduced in the cabinet after the reshuffle…


  9. jaypot2012 says:

    Well they are not going to have their jobs long, so enjoy while you can. I just want to see the faces of IDS, Cameron and Osborne when they get kicked out 🙂
    As for that tart Fester McVile, she’s allowed to sit in at cabinet meetings – how nice, she can’t actually do anything but she’s a little part of their team – bless 😀 😀


  10. jaypot2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    I just wish IDS had been booted out – maybe in the next few months?


  11. beastrabban says:

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    A fairly succinct list of the reasons why some of the ministers appointed in the reshuffle should never have got their jobs, such as ignorance, blatantly not wanting the job, sheer incompetence, views that contradict the fundamental tenets of their new position, like Nicky Morgan’s opposition to equal marriage, as she’s appointed equalities minister, and just plain old bonkers right-wing views (Priti Patel).


  12. Methusalada says:

    What a merry band of wanton informed & ill informed minstrel’s I seek to follow todate. I feel some privileged to be your self appointed humble jester . Whom I seek to follow regardless of payment or privilege except permission to enter words unto the ear & mind of my special queen ,to whom I am a dedicated follower. I am & remain your humble & joyful servant that desires nothing more than a smile or an occasional glance of approbation to comply to thou whims & bidding. l shall hopefully remain your diligent & dedicated servant . Mums the word! If you don’t know me by now , my tragedy shall be your loss.
    Pls stop replying to my comments ,it makes the servants in Whitehall furious !
    Bill Gates has lost a few million $ today and yet we haven’t even began to get started.


  13. Its Wastemonster I don’t care who is in charge its all one big party for them,its the Westminster party of Wasteminster.


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