Hypocrite David Cameron wants to stop working people fighting for their rights

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Digital by default, that’s what the CONDEMS keep telling us! That’s why they shut ALL 240 HMRC walk in enquiry centres because taxpayers can go on the internet to get their problem sorted. Claimants on JSA/ESA are expected to job searches on line and yet … when it comes to voting for strike action or action short of a strike (such as overtime bans) they’d prefer us to do it the old fashioned, expensive way by postal ballot… funny that isn’t it.

Mirror columnist Paul Routledge says the Prime Minister wants to virtually outlaw strikes by imposing standards he fails to meet himself – and denying a 21st centuy solution

They thought it was all over. It isn’t now.

Company bosses at Care UK must have imagined the fight had gone out of Unison strikers in Doncaster.

But the feisty women care workers are going into extra time with a two-week walkout starting next Tuesday, following a secret ballot vote for action.

The campaign now centres on a claim for £7.65 an hour after their NHS jobs were privatised to Essex-based Care UK last September, with pay cuts of up to 35%.

They’ve carried the torch of defiance ever since, but soon they will not be alone. Unions in the NHS are to ballot
on national industrial action against pay freezes.

Unite, the Royal College of Midwives, Unison and the GMB are asking 400,000 health workers to back walkouts starting in October and running through the Christmas holiday.

These polls form the backdrop to a devious Tory plot to make legal industrial action virtually impossible.

While he mouths platitudes about democracy in Donetsk, David Cameron plans to curb civil rights for working people at home.

His election manifesto will outlaw any action where fewer than half the members have voted.

Rank hypocrisy.

This government sneaked into power after winning only 23.5% of the popular vote in 2010.

Not a single MP would have been elected on this basis.


Unity: Striking Care UK workers in Doncaster


OK, Dave’s dirty little war against workers is not comparable to the horrors of the Middle East. I’m not pretending it is. But it still matters.

This so-called reform would make 21st century UK look more like the old USSR.

The Tories introduced compulsory pre-strike postal ballots “to give the unions back to their members,” never thinking that workers would vote for action.

But they do, regularly. So now they’ll turn the screw again, in a fake show of democracy.

If the Tories and their Lib Dem lapdogs really want to increase participation in strike ballots – their stated aim – then all they have to do is pick up the TUC’s idea of digital voting.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general ­secretary, asked Business Secretary Vince Cable to change the out-of-date rules so that union members could vote on work computers, laptops at home, tablets or smartphones while on the move.

Three-quarters of us are now on ­broadband, with 94% on mobile and 70% on smartphone. Unions already use these to communicate with members, getting response rates of more than 90%.

But electronic voting is banned for strike ballots because the Tories insist on imposing the old-fashioned, ruinously expensive method of voting. And now they see it as a perfect way to ban strikes by the back door.

Well, they would, wouldn’t they? They hate unions. Above all, they hate employees deciding how they want to live their lives at work.

If the Coalition is serious about ­democratisation of industrial relations, they will adopt “O’Grady’s Law.” If they don’t, we will know why.

  • You can sign a petition for digital voting at tuc.org.uk/letusvote. Show ’em!





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