11 Responses to Welfare reform and the “jobs miracle”

  1. sdbast says:

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  2. Mike Sivier says:

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    Claims that Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘welfare reform’ has created a ‘jobs miracle’ are thoroughly debunked in this article, reposted from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.


  3. Bill Kruse says:

    Instead of one bloke having a steady job on a living wage you’ve now got 20 blokes doing the same work but between them on and zero hour contracts. Thanks to some creative accounting they all count as employed and having a job. There’s your reason for your ‘jobs miracle’ right there, let alone adding in that people in the Work Programmes are counted as being in work when they clearly aren’t and any number of people who ought to be claiming JSA have been told to claim WTC and pretend to be self-employed instead. It’s just Duncan-Smith fiddling the figures again. I assume that’s why he kept his job in the recent so-called ‘reshuffle’.


  4. That’s right Bill, nothing like a bit of creative accounting eh! As regards the people on the work programme being counted as unemployed, here’s the response to my FoI request on that subject


    and in respect of the self employment, if tax credit office deem that the person is not doing 24 hours of work or more a week, all of the tax credits will have to be repaid.


    • Kerry Davies says:

      Under Universal Credit the DWP has the right to tell “unprofitable businesses” to close down and seek NMW employment. Since anyone claiming WTC could be said to be “unprofitable” then the huge numbers of self-employed already breeching HMRC law by working for one employer would all be open to mandatory Workfare.

      Repaying Tax Credits is the least of their problems, claiming it in the first place could prove to be self-defeating in the longer term.


  5. Kerry Davies says:

    To make real comparisons one would need the graphs for in-work benefits alongside these both in terms of numbers of claimants and total amounts claimed.
    London shows stubbornly high levels of unemployment but a growth in Housing Benefits claims of 1100%. That is where Welfare Reform falls flat and is costing us enormous amounts of money that were supposed to be savings.


    • Bill Kruse says:

      It is, however, slowly progressing towards the creation of a permanent underclass who’ll never be able to get off benefits into work as the menial entry-level work they’d normally be able to access is all being done by themselves for free. There’s the point of the exercise.


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  7. beastrabban says:

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    Another economist puts the boot into the pro-government spin and shows that the supposed growth in jobs don’t have anything to do with the government’s welfare policies.


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