David Cameron – a political prostitute.

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If you support David Cameron, or are of no real opinion about him and the current government, the events of the past week must make you stop and think about the suitability of both to govern the UK.

Why the past week? Because the past week has demonstrated very clearly where Cameron’s interests are – and they are certainly not in any way connected to the well-being of citizens of the UK or the rest of the world.

We are not targeting Cameron because he is the leader of the Conservative party. We have no interest which ‘party’ someone belongs to. We are targeting him because of the disgraceful and disgusting self-important way he and his cronies have conducted themselves since being in power.

In the past week Cameron has made it clearer than ever that he is a political prostitute who is only interested in what he can take – not in what he can (or should) give as the head of UK government, or in the fact that he and his government are in place to serve the people – not themselves.

Even though there is clear and irrefutable evidence that Israel is committing the most horrendous crimes against humanity, Cameron and his sycophants have refused to condemn Israel’s actions.

When leaders from the rest of the world and the UN Security Council have made it quite clear to the Zionist government of Israel that their conduct and actions against civilians is unacceptable, Cameron remains silent.

Surely, any government leader would condemn such barbaric actions and crimes committed under international law. Surely any government leader would express some concern at the total disregard for human life that the Zionists are demonstrating. Surely any leader with any concept of humanity would be looking at ways in which they could assist the people of Gaza. But Cameron has (to date) done none of these things.

Yet, when the opportunity presents itself to publically criticise Russia, and Putin in particular, Cameron is one of the first to condemn the alleged involvement of Russia in the missile attack on Malaysian flight MH17 – despite there being no concrete evidence at the time that Russia was (or is now) involved.

Both major events over the past seven days are horrific. Both events require scrutiny and appropriate action. What is unacceptable to the British public and absolutely disgusting to anyone with a conscience, is the way Cameron has made a choice based on his personal interests. That is not the action of a right and just leader – it is the action of an incredibly self-centred and despicable nepotistic personality.

There is no ‘choice’ to be made. As a supposed ‘representative’ of the British people both events – and more besides – need to be addressed in a timely manner and be representative of public opinion – that is what the government is there for.

Even one of Israel’s closest allies – the USA – has at least made some public representation criticising the Zionist regime’s actions. Although it is most probably highly superficial, at least it is something.

The only thing that Cameron and his lackeys have said is that “Israel has a right to defend itself”. Yes Cameron – a statement of the obvious – as is the right of any country – and a statement of nothingness.

Like a rat in a maze, Cameron is always looking for the cheese. It doesn’t matter what he has to do to get there, he will ignore inconveniences and deal with the aftermath through his usual smoke and mirrors tactics and downright lies. And the lies of Cameron and his government have certainly piled up since they took (unelected) office.

To any normal thinking human being the lack of balance in international affairs may seem bewildering, but it really is quite simple. Although Cameron may come up with excuses nicely wrapped up in complicated explanations in the hope that no one will look too deeply into them, the simple explanation is that Cameron is looking after his own (and his cronies) interests.

Cameron knows he is on a rocky road to nothing when the general election is held next year. The likelihood of he and his government being returned to power is near zero, and there is more than a small likelihood that he will be removed as candidate for prime minister by his own party. So in the meantime he has to make sure that his nest is feathered.

Supposition? Perhaps, but when we look at who Cameron is choosing ‘not to upset’ perhaps the picture becomes a little clearer.

As in the US, the Jewish lobby has a strong influence on UK government. When referring to the Jewish lobby, it is actually a Zionist lobby wrapped up and disguised as being a representative of the Jewish people. For proof of that take a look at the most prolific organisation in the UK which purports to represent Jewish people, and see what their position is on Israel and the Zionist government. Make your own mind up – the evidence is there.

In addition, many major financial institutions have a strong base formed through allegiances with or interests in Israel.  Britain’s largest bank, HSBC, has significant financial interest in Israel and describes itself as offering “…a wide range of financial services to international Israeli businesses, local subsidiaries of multinational companies, institutional clients and high net worth individuals…” In particular its emphasis is on global markets and banking, as well as discreet private banking services.

In 2009, Belgian authorities were investigating HSBC over claims that they facilitated the laundering of $135 million by moving the money from the illegal sale of rough diamonds by an Israeli dealer through several Swiss bank accounts.

The Tel Aviv branch of HSBC is located (appropriately) on Rothschild Boulevard. If you are wondering what the significance is, the Rothschild family are one of the wealthiest financial dynasties in the world, and were involved in the establishment of the Israeli state and still have very close ties.

Some say that the Rothschild’s have control of the world’s economy. Whether that is true or not, the Rothschild’s do have significant influence in the world of finance and industry, and as with most of the ‘old-boy’ network favours are sought and favours are done by individuals seeking to attain huge financial wealth and perceived power.

Cameron is ambitious, and apart from a short stint at a Carlton Television (a job his wife’s mother arranged for him and where people who worked with him are less than praising of his leadership skills and management methods) Cameron has spent his time concentrating on furthering his own interests, particularly in the sphere of politics and the contacts in the world of business and finance it brings.

What will Cameron do when he gets kicked out of his unelected office? Politics will not hold the same interest for him as a career choice, so he will probably be looking for lucrative opportunities in the private sector – much the same as his mate Tony Blair did after he lost his job in government.

In position as Prime Minister Cameron has the opportunity to form policies and opportunities for his business friends. This is probably part of the reason Cameron was so intent on drastically increasing the foreign aid budget while at the same time cutting public services to the bone. It has been proven that a high percentage of the UK’s foreign aid budget goes to a ‘select’ number of UK companies who are employed as ‘consultants’. This is one example of how Cameron could have ensured very nice incomes for those in the business world who may be inclined to ‘return the favour’ in the future.

The number of private companies now involved in areas which used to be public sector, and the high value contracts handed out to them for virtually doing nothing, there is more than enough factual evidence to (at least) raise suspicions.

Most of the cash used to finance private sector contracts could be put back into the public sector where the same tasks would be completed more efficiently and a lot cheaper.

Another example of Cameron’s leanings towards his ‘business friends’ was the recent sale of Royal Mail, which the government undervalued by at least £1 BILLION! At the same time Cameron’s mates in the city earned millions upon millions through ‘preferential arrangements’.

We could carry on and on listing Cameron’s self-interest decisions and policies since he and his unelected government have been in power, but you must be getting the truth of the matter by now, especially if you do your own research.

All of this indicates where Cameron’s loyalties lie and how far he will go to ensure his own present and future aspirations. He doesn’t give a damn about the people he represents, other members of humanity around the world, or anyone he doesn’t see as useful to him – it is that simple.

Perhaps if we were professional psychiatrists and psychologists Cameron would make a good study subject in the field of psychopathy, because he displays many of the clinical traits necessary for such a diagnosis through his public persona (which is all we have to go on of course).

Another thing that amazes us is that he is not that good at hiding what he is really up to! Time and time again Cameron has fallen flat on his face because he just doesn’t understand that there are people with a lot more life experience and knowledge than him who can pick apart his deceptive ways. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care unless they become a threat to his ambitions.

While we are on the subject of ‘amazement’, it also amazes us that his superficial charm is swallowed by so many voters. There are people who still vote for him and his corrupt party as was demonstrated in recent local and European elections. They must be stupid, blind to reality, or living in the same delusional world the government exists in.

Apart from the few who will vote for him and his party, Cameron’s time is coming to an end, and he probably knows it, even though he will still employ his dirty tactics against other parties and people to try and gain as much mileage as possible.

Until the day he is kicked out of office next year, Cameron will continue to manipulate and abuse his position within government, and will continue to misrepresent the people of the UK.

Cameron was never elected as leader – Cameron has never acted as a leader – and Cameron has gained no respect whatsoever as a leader (except from his sycophants of course) – simply because he is not a leader in any shape or form. He is merely a manipulator and charlatan as he always has and always will be.

Good bye Cameron – the sooner the better.


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