Busting myths about tax justice

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Prime minister David Cameron has talked tough on tax havens but his government can’t be taken seriously on tax justice. Here are 4 reasons why

The Left Economics Advisory Panel lists these reasons:

  1. Maude wants the UK to be a tax haven

    In 2012, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said it was a“compliment for” for the UK to be described as a tax haven.

  2. George Osborne slashing taxes for big business and the rich

    A hallmark of a tax haven is low or minimal tax rates. Corporation tax has been slashed from 52% in 1979 to 23% now, and chancellor George Osborne aims to lower it to 20% by 2015. 

  3. Many government ministers’ wealth is based on tax avoidance and evasion

    As Guardian investigations have proven in the case of Cameron’s family fortune, and Channel 4’s Dispatches showed in the case of Osborne, Andrew Mitchell, and Phillip Hammond.

  4. You can’t collect taxes without the resources to do it 

    Combined the annual tax gap is estimated at £120 billion. Yet the government is slashing HMRC’s resources.

For a serious look at tax justice, see taxjustice.net

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5 Responses to Busting myths about tax justice

  1. The hypocrisy, double-standards, don’t do as I do, do as I say – behaviour of our ruling elite, really gets up my nose. If cutting tax is an economic and social benefit for the rich – good for the economy – the same principle is good applied to everybody. Cutting taxes paid by the poor – most everybody – causes more mony to circulate in the economy than saving money for the rich who hide it off-shore.


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