Writing is on the bedroom wall for the Tories as they lose landmark vote

Reposted from Vox Political

The Conservative Party has been humiliated in the first major Parliamentary vote since the summer recess – on a Private Member’s Bill to exempt disabled people from the Bedroom Tax. Liberal Democrat Andrew George’s Bill proposed modest reforms, laid out by Vox Political in an article yesterday evening. The debate lasted nearly four hours – […]

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6 Responses to Writing is on the bedroom wall for the Tories as they lose landmark vote

  1. If the govt, any of them think they can deliberately generate poverty in this country and the electorate will not give them a kicking at the ballot box, they are seriously deluded . But then, we knew that .


  2. Yes, how nice it must be in that ivory tower…


  3. Where somebody else, poorer than you, pays the mortgage, pays the rent, contributes to the travel, the fine meals and fine wines. And the moat. We took a wrong path somewhere. Why do we still have a parasitical nobility?


  4. As someone once said (can’t remember who) People should not be afraid of government, government should be afraid of it’s people. Let’s hope their gravy train is about to terminate!


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