IDS wants Obese Poor on Celebrity Diet Plan…

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You have to wonder what  goes on in the Duncan-Smith country estate at weekends. Like a scene from a James Bond film you can picture IDS in his “lair” pondering how to rule the world and what dastardly plan he can hatch out next to humiliate, degrade and punish the poor. Never in the history of British politics has one man, backed by his leader, and even worse turned a blind eye to by the LibDems, been allowed this much freedom to  target his own personal hatred onto one section of society; the most vulnerable. Backed up by a willing right wing media who have conned the working class into actually believing a lot of IDS’ rhetoric we are now never shocked by what this right wing maniac will do next.

I use maniac willingly and in context.  “An obsessive enthusiast” ” A person exhibiting wild or violent behaviour” “a person suffering from mania” “a deranged person”. IDS is certainly an “obsessive enthusiast” over his plans  for the poor, sick and disabled. His latest wheeze probably would have shocked us a few years ago, but such is our “unshockability” at  what he does, his latest idea barely raises an eyebrow, as we have come to expect demonisation of the poor as a daily occurrence, both from Duncan-Smith and his propaganda machine the DWP.

IDS has written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in a cunning plan  to ask if  poor obese people claiming JSA and ESA could be put on the celebrity diet “The Cambridge Plan” – a £45pw liquid diet. Now many people radicalised by right wing media may well see nothing wrong with poor obese people being given “help” this way. But with the Tories and particularly their hatchet man IDS, you have to peel back the layers to find the hidden truth and reality of the situation. IDS’ constituent Ruth Barber is the brain-child of The Cambridge Diet. “All in this together” certainly rings true. As with ATOS being handed multi million pound contracts and various Tory cronies having more fingers in pies than the nursery rhyme figure Little Jack Horner, it seems IDS is keen to put a huge  NHS “diet contract” Ruth Barber’s way. Of course were the scheme to become reality, there is always a stick with Duncan-Smiths harebrained ideas and you don’t need a crystal ball to know there will be an element of compulsion to participate if you are obese, and in receipt of JSA/ESA or the inevitable sanctions will be applied.

Putting aside, that this is the latest in a whole range of punishments  from a man so dim his own party derides him, let’s look at the facts of  obesity and being poor.

Poverty and being on benefit is a vicious grinding cycle. While many of us would like to put some portly MPs, obese due to lavish subsidised lunches and expensive champagne receptions, on one of these celebrity diet plans, yet again the spotlight falls on the very poorest, who in Tory eyes, are not permitted to be obese like their richer “betters”. While lardy Cameron parades his belly chillaxing on the various beach holidays he enjoys each year, this is simply not permitted to be poor and fat and scraping by on £71pw JSA.

Those of us whether poor or working poor have very limited incomes which have to be stretched like never before due to Tory imposed austerity. When I have the electric bill to pay or one of the kids comes home with torn trousers which needs replacing immediately, the food budget is where I , and thousands of other people turn to in an effort to find the money needed. To cut down means to go without or replace with  bulky cheap food the kids will eat. Simple as that. I know I can go to Iceland and pick up a pizza for £1 and frozen chips for £1. As much as I would like to , minced beef and fresh  vegetables are a lot more expensive. I have fed a family of 6 on £30 for a weeks meals when desperate, but I know how to as I was taught practical cooking skills by my parents and by school. Many people are not so fortunate.  The school GCSE for example is full of  theory based health and safety questions rather than how to feed yourself on a strict budget.

Once someone like IDS has lived for a year controlling a food budget week in week out on JSA of a total £71pw income or on a Carers income of £61.35pw, then he can speak with authority of how poor obese people should be truly helped. Imagine your food budget as a single person on JSA is £10pw every week, every month which thousands are living on. Now imagine doing a weekly food shop in the supermarket. Out goes the nutritional more expensive food like meat, fresh vegetables; in comes the bulky highly processed foods like frozen pizzas, chips, and value bread. In fact everything becomes the supermarkets value brand; the lowest common denominator. Now after weeks of living on this cheerless bulky high sugar diet, your health starts to suffer you feel lethargic, less motivated, sapped, stressed with the anxiety of wondering where the next meal is coming from, so your mental health takes a bashing. You feel cooking is a chore, you feel less motivated to cook, less motivated to go out. The walls and your horizons start to narrow as your life consists of one long huge effort to survive. And the inevitable thing is that your weight  increases on this high sugar diet and lack of  outdoor exercise and obesity occurs. Obesity brings its own demons of higher  blood pressure, diabetes and other related health problems. Then a man comes along earning £100k a year plus and tells you the answer is a celebrity liquid diet, a cure for your obesity and poverty in one, and that by going on this diet, you will be fit for work, off benefit and your life improves with a wave of the IDS magic wand!

What utter tosh!  GPs will tell you of the complex array of health problems caused by poverty. Poverty and a lack of education and life skills go hand in hand and have done for decades. Successive governments have never found the cure. Likewise GPs will also point to the excessive lifestyles of the rich where their obesity is caused by too many rich foods and lavish dinners. But IDS is not pushing a celebrity diet  onto his cronies is he?!

So stuff your liquid diet IDS. Stop trying to award big fat privatised NHS contracts to your chums. And get off the backs of the poor who can’t carry the weight of austerity any longer. Fat chance Cameron will sack you sooner, but  I very much think that like your party, you will be history in May 2015.

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12 Responses to IDS wants Obese Poor on Celebrity Diet Plan…

  1. anon says:

    And will this be prescribed by qualified NHS dieticians (after patients have been properly medically assessed) or by the usual frontline jobcentre thugs with their requisite handful of GCSEs – in between performing psychological assessments and ‘treatment’ on the mentally ill? (How long before Jobcentre admninistrative officers are demanding wage parity with hospital consultants?)

    And if it’s NHS, will this be offered to all overweight patients or just as a quick fix for those who can’t afford to buy the fresh food, vegetables, etc. needed to manage their weight?

    If this product is marketed as a CELEBRITY DIET (i,e, a luxury indulgence worthy of replacing chocolate), I am amazed that the manufacturers would want to touch IDS’s with a barge pole. Because I can’t see any wannabee celebrities or the upwardly mobile wanting to pay for anything that gains a reputation as a punishment regime for those demonised by the DWP. Doesn’t have quite the same cachet or glamour somehow as eating whatever Dawn French lost weight on.

    A far more serious side to all this is the mounting evidence that the strains of dwarf hybrid wheat dominating our food chain is frighteneingly dangerous for health, and CAUSES obesity. (The traditional ‘heritage’ wheat our grandparents ate disappeared from shops in the 1980s, at exactly the same time the obesity epidemic hit the UK).

    The hybrid wheat is known to disrupt insulin levels in the body, directly triggering weight gain. It also contains a chemical (not present in traditional forms of wheat) that acts directly on the hunger centre of the brain to promote heroin-like food cravings. More details in Dr. William Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ and here

    Apparently IN JUST THE PAST YEAR sales of wheat bread have dropped by a massive 20% as those who can afford it cottoned on to all this and started buying gluten-free substitutes. However a small-ish loaf of GF bread costs over £3.00. Contrast this with a gooey (from the extra-high gluten content!) wheat-based value loaf at 60p, and the picture becomes clearer.

    Funnily enough in most traditional societies, being PLUMP had cachet, while thinness was always stigmatised for its association with poverty. Part of why this has changed might have to do with hybirid wheat becoming the food product most accessible to the urban poor.

    Value sausages contain mostly wheat bread, as opposed to the luxury bangers in IDS’s £39
    breakfasts. Look at what’s in those Iceland pizzas and those 20p packs of noodles many are now resorting to as staples. I defy anyone to scour the shelves of Poundland and come away with a basket of food items that are NOT adulterated with wheat or wheat gluten, regardless of the product.

    A better idea in the meantime might be for GPs to start dishing out complan and vitamins to families on sanctions to see they get some minimal nutrition. Or perhaps they already do?

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  2. Bonkers. But if IDS is saying each individual should have a weekly food budget of £45, I would second that. That would enable a healthy diet.


  3. Absolutely @prayerwarriorpsychicnot. The BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation), Daily Heil, Torygraph et al are only interested in being mouthpeices for their Masters (the government) that’s why it’s so important that we facebook, twitter, protest and generally get the truth out there so that the establishment cannot ignore it. Remember… sunlight is the best disinfectant!


  4. I am as we speak soaking up some free Vitamin D with a glass of vino (it is my birthday after all :-)) Does wine count as one of your five a day? I’m sure it does…grapes are fruit aren’t they?


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