Competence and candour from George Osborne?…err no, I don’t think so!

I have just listened (through gritted teeth and with an increasing rise in blood pressure) to some of Gidiot Osbornes speech at the tory party conference; regarding the reference to the reduction in working age benefits.

I am going to concentrate on that, particularly in relation to working tax credit.

This is what Gidiot said…

Mr Osborne told delegates: “This freeze on working age benefit saves the country over £3 billion. It’s a serious contribution to reducing the deficit. Pensioner benefits and disability benefits will be excluded.

“And to those in work I say this – where is the sense in taxing you more only for you to be given some of your own money back in welfare. The best way to support people’s incomes is to make sure those out of work get a job and those in work pay less tax.” (Press Association 29/09/14)

Well Gidiot to you and all the other tory posh boys I say this…

Where is the sense in allowing employers to pay low wages, which means that the taxpayer has to top up those wages by way of tax credits. It’s a win win situation for employers, because they can pay low wages knowing that they will be topped up by tax credits AND any PAYE income tax and National Insurance deducted from those wages can be claimed as an allowable expense in the company accounts, thereby reducing the profit upon which the employer pays corporation tax.

So, what you should be doing Gidiot is make all employers pay at least the living wage and reduce VAT.

THAT will help rejuvenate the economy, because unlike the millionaires in the cabinet, ordinary folk spend their disposable income by purchasing goods and services, which in turn increases profits for those companies supplying those goods and services. With increased profits, companies can employ more staff and so on and so forth.

It’s so plain and obvious that even a child could grasp it, but what can we expect from someone who doesn’t know their eight times tables?



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