The graph you won’t see in the Mail. Or the Times. Or the Sun

Nuff said!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Here’s a graph which shows the genius of George Osborne.

Despite cutting money for schools, hospitals, fire services, policing, armed forces, legal aid, housing, disability benefits etc, he has still managed to borrow a huge amount more than Labour ever did:

net borrowing


The question is – what the f*ck is George doing with all that money he’s borrowed?

Because he sure as hell isn’t spending it on schools and hospitals.

Although to be fair, I suppose all those tax breaks for the rich have to come out of somewhere.


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One Response to The graph you won’t see in the Mail. Or the Times. Or the Sun

  1. A. Strachan says:

    First off he has had to line his pockets and that of his rich pals so basically borrowed money to allow for the tax breaks! Makes sense!

    Then, he has had to pay off the national debt, created by bailing out banks etc.. again ensured his rich mates were safe and still getting their cut! Only now. The national debt is no longer even being serviced, it is growing steadily!

    The bubble has to burst eventually!


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