Cameron setting the scene for more slave labour

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camsslIn his continued quest to place the majority of the British population into economic slavery, Cameron announced his intention to tighten welfare reforms which would force people to take low paid jobs.

Having not quite grasped the fact that many of his government’s welfare reforms so far have placed working people into very difficult economic situations – often costing them their homes and responsible for breaking up families – deluded Cameron thinks that further tightening of the welfare system, as well as controlling immigration, is a good thing.

We have already seen the way ‘employment figures’ have been manipulated by the government. The so-called jobs they say they have created are often on zero-hour contracts, part time, or minimum waged positons. It is fact that Cameron and his cronies have done nothing to create a sustainable environment where there are real opportunities for people seeking work.

In real terms the value of wages has dropped dramatically since the Conservative dominated government has been in power while the true cost of living has sky-rocketed – no thanks to welfare reforms and uncontrolled energy prices.

Promoting his anti-EU message, Cameron’s speech at a CBI conference in London included a ‘commitment’ to curbing immigration (including citizens of other EU countries) to ‘tens of thousands’ wherever they come from.

We have heard the same before, and so far the Conservatives have failed to meet their pre-election pledge on immigration.

Cameron said that tighter immigration controls must be matched by reforms to the UK’s welfare and education systems to enable British workers to fill the jobs currently done by foreigners.

However, another fact that he seems unable to grasp is that many immigrants are able to live extremely cheaply in the UK and move around to seek employment so they can save money to take home, where the cost of living is much cheaper. All things are far from equal when comparing foreign workers to UK citizens.

The UK has one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe, and has one of the highest costs of living.

Cameron’s speech is ridiculous in the extreme, and is something we are seeing and hearing much more of from government and Conservative cronies. Last week George Osborne was caught-out over the alleged EU bill where he claimed to be some kind of saviour – the truth was very different.

It is not immigration or foreign workers taking jobs that is the problem. It is the abominable governing of the country since 2010 which has failed to create an environment where employees are valued and where companies are encouraged to create real working opportunities.

Instead of progressing along an evolutionary path we see a return to times when employees were nothing but fodder to make the rich richer – that is the situation we are clearly in today. The rights of employees (and citizens in general) have gradually been eroded and the ability to protest or take meaningful action in response to a worse than useless government have all but disappeared.

Until we see a radical change in thinking of any future elected government, we will see more low-paid, temporary employment with little or no opportunity.

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