Jobcentre Busy-Bodies To Outrank Healthcare Professionals In Treatment For Addictions

Honestly the DWP are enough to drive anyone to drink! I am an ex nurse. I did 3 years basic training, then a further 2 years to gain a diploma in orthopaedics. I also undertook a psychiatric secondment. During this time I was subjected to examinations and on going assessments as well as doing written case studies (thesis) which I had to pass in order to continue, so I take great exception to untrained people being let loose on people suffering with addiction. The causes of addiction are many and complex and CANNOT be dealt with by DWP.

the void

Iain_Duncan_Smith_pissedJobcentre busy-bodies could soon have the power to force people in treatment for drug or alcohol problems to take up full time ‘work related activity’ if they are unable to beat their addictions quickly enough.

The DWP has published guidance on the support (stop laughing) that will be offered to people claiming Universal Credit who have a dependency on drugs or alcohol.  Claimants will be given six months to undergo what the Jobcentre calls ‘structured treatment’ during which period they may not be required to look or prepare for work.  After this has elapsed however it will be a very diferent story.

The guidance warns that any further treatment will only be taken into account in a Claimant Comitment if Jobcentre advisors agree this if the best way for a claimant to achieve their ’employment goals’.  This truly chilling move means that the newly named ‘work coaches’ will be able…

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