Border Force cannot cope due to ‘crippling’ staff shortages

Reblogged from Vox Political

One of the “jobs” of government is to protect the borders of its country, in which case this government have failed miserably and should be given their P45.

As I see it, this government CONSISTENTLY run down the public sector (NHS, Fire Brigade, HMRC, MoJ, land registry etc) and then say …. ” oh look its not working, we need to bring in the private sector”

This ultimately ends up costing the taxpayer more money in the long run (and remember we are ALL taxpayers because we ALL pay VAT)

The private sector are only interested in making a profit for themselves and their shareholders, many of whom just happen to be tory MPs and tory donors.(see the link below for an example of this regarding the sell off of the NHS)

This article from Mike at Vox Political highlights the immense strain the Border Force is currently under.

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2 Responses to Border Force cannot cope due to ‘crippling’ staff shortages

  1. jc43410 says:

    Perhaps UK troops should be protecting our borders before being deployed to other countries, checks at embarkation might be a good idea too.


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