The ultimate aim of the “allthesame” lie is division and disempowerment of the Left.

No one can or should tell you who to vote for in May 2015, but this article by Kitty Jones may help you to make your mind up

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The speech-writer for David Cameron in the run-up to the 2010 general election, Ian Birrellseems to have finger in every lie on behalf of the Tories. He’s the contributing editor of The Mail on Sunday, whilst writing columns regularly in several other papers. Published in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Daily Mail, The Financial Times, The Times, The Observer, The London Evening Standard, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, Prospect, New Statesman and The Spectator.

On the 2nd January, Birrell cobbled together a somewhat strange and hugely speculative article in the Guardianclaiming that “a Tory-Labour unity coalition may be the only way forward after 7 May” and the two parties have more in common with each other than with the insurgents. A national government would prevent a constitutional crisis.”

There are no quotes…

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1 Response to The ultimate aim of the “allthesame” lie is division and disempowerment of the Left.

  1. Landless Peasant says:

    Labour and Tory are two sides of the same coin, as Benefit Sanctions and the presence of Lord Freud clearly demonstrate. Why vote for more of the same? More Benefit Sanctions? No thanks. I’ll vote Green.


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