Tories Trying To Prevent The Poor From ‘Breeding’, Says Labour MP

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Veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher has accused the Conservatives of introducing welfare reforms designed to prevent the poor from ‘breeding’.

Writing on his blog, Mr Meacher says:

“Occasionally the mask slips and the truth becomes clear. We had already been told that the Tories planned to limit child benefit to the first two children because it would save money. Then IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) let the cat out of the bag: he said it would promote “behavioural change”. This element in the Tory DNA – that the poor are over-dependent on benefits and should have their breeding excesses curtailed – has quite a history.

“Keith Joseph made a pitch for the Tory leadership in 1974 with this appeal: “A high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world…Some are of low intelligence, most of low educational attainment….The balance of our human stock is threatened”. The message hasn’t changed in the last 40 years – control the lower orders, suppress their breeding, check their spending, moralise against their life-styles.

“The same message was driven home by Baroness Jenkin, wife of Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, who opined last month: “poor people don’t know how to cook”, and regaled us with the story that she had a large bowl of porridge which cost 4p. Astonishingly she was presenting the Church of England report on foodbanks which found that 4 million people in the UK are currently going hungry. Back to the stereotype that poverty is caused by fecklessness, not by rates of pay so low that families cannot survive on them. It may come as a shock to Lady Jenkin to discover that there are now more persons in poverty in working families than in workless families.

“This Tory prejudice again has a long history. It underpinned the Poor Law for three centuries till it was challenged by Beatrice Webb and others in 1908, and was only finally overthrown by the national insurance and income support laws of the Attlee government in the 1940s.

“Now in the Cameron government this deeply embedded Tory instinct to vilify the poor as a degenerate class which needs to be punished to kick it out of its fecklessness has come to the fore again with a vengeance.

“Unprecedented cuts in public sector pay and in benefits, combined with ‘sanctioning’ (i.e. depriving claimants of their income for weeks on end and sometimes months even for the most trivial infringements), have been constantly spun on the canard of ‘shirkers/scroungers versus strivers/hard-working families’.

“But this time Osborne may have overplayed his hand. A sceptical public, already anxious about the claim that further deep cuts will still be necessary, are gradually learning the truth about the bedroom tax (some 500,000 families liable to eviction, a third of them disabled) and the huge DWP bureaucratic delays before benefits due are paid out (over 300,000 currently being forced to wait 9 weeks before IDS’ personal independence payments are actually paid).

“This is not just about money or reducing the deficit; it’s the class prejudice oozing out of the Tory psyche as their last throw before the election.”

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3 Responses to Tories Trying To Prevent The Poor From ‘Breeding’, Says Labour MP

  1. sdbast says:

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  2. Chris says:

    Children, in general, in the poor are suffering from welfare reform and threatened by it, whether about to be born or any age.

    This is what happenes under benefit sanctions and food banks that unlike elsewhere in the world, including Europe, offer free cafes providing free cooked hot meals and hot drinks each day of the week, without food vouchers to the working poor, poor pensioners and the unemployed.

    UK foodbanks cannot provide daily free cafes, because the government does not pays subsidy to Fareshare, the supplier to the UK foodbanks, so Fareshare can only access 5,000 tonnes of surplus food, and loses out on 400,000 tonnes of surplus food going to state subsidised energy from waste companies who burn this still edible food each year or to landfill.

    In Europe food does not go to landfill at all.

    Doctors are informing through The Lancet that there has been a huge rise in malnutrition hospital admissions.

    The bulk of people going to foodbanks are the working poor and low income self employed.

    And the old are about to join the even more early death from pension reform already hitting them, with 2.6 million pensioners already far below the breadline, with flat rate pension forecasts for those retiring from next year on and after 6 April 2016 of only
    £55 per week.

    See why here:

    Soon families will have to feed granny as well from their every reducing money.

    Because 40-60 year olds are poorer than their parents and grandparents for the first time since the 1950s, with little or no state pension for life from 2016.

    From yet born to grannies more and more of us starve.

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