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Lord Ashcroft poll puts Labour ahead in Wirral West

Poll seven weeks ahead of election shows Labour leading in Wirral marginal constituency

Esther McVey, who currently holds the Wirral west seat for the Conservatives
Esther McVey, who currently holds the Wirral west seat for the Conservatives

The latest poll by Lord Michael Ashcroft shows Labour with a clear lead in the marginal Wirral West seat.

Former deputy chairman of the Conservatives, Lord Ashcroft publishes his own polls on key seats across the country.

According to the poll Labour are on 42% compared to the Conservatives 37% – although the election on May 7 is still more than seven weeks away.

It shows Labour appearing to be pulling away compared to their 1% lead when Lord Ashcroft last carried out an opinion poll in the seat in October 2014. At that point Labour was on 39% compared to the Tories’ 38%; UKIP was on 12% and they appear to have dropped back to 10% this month.

The seat was won by Conservative Esther McVey in the 2010 election, when she received 42% of the votes and a majority of 2,436 over Labour.

Labour had held the seat with former MP Stepehen Hesford since 1997. Prio to that the Conservative David Hunt had been the Wirral West MP since it was created in 1983.

Currently Labour candidate Margaret Greenwood is contesting the Wirral West seat.

The poll was carried out between March 3 to 12.

Lord Ashcroft wrote on his website today that he had “decided to start going back to constituencies where my previous surveys have suggested tight races”.

He said he wanted “to see whether narrowing national polls – including a fair number of Conservative leads – were being reflected where it matters”.

National polls currently put the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck in the polls.

Lord Michael Ashcroft is a wealthy businessman and describes himself as a “lifelong supporter” of the Conservatives. He was deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, with special responsibility for the target seats campaign and opinion research from 2005 to 2010.

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