Ministry of (In) Justice.

HMP Oakwood

Birmingham Prison

G4s, the private company that runs Birmingham & Oakwood prisons have been told by the Ministry of Justice to ban a penal reform charity from visiting those prisons to see the work they are doing to improve conditions behind bars.

Frances Crook, head of the penal reform charity the Howard League, received a letter from the Ministry of Justice, telling her that the “visits were not appropriate at this time”

The reason? Well it seems that Ms Crook and the Howard League have previously criticised the privatisation of prison work.

Ms Crook gave this illuminating response in relation to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling…

” He has a very emotional response to criticism that is very unhelpful”

The Howard Leagues concern about privatisation of prisons is a moral and ethical one … Is it right for a private firm to profit from punishment.

Once again it should be remembered that a prison is a public institution which is publicly funded.

Chris Grayling isn’t the only one who has an “emotional response” to criticism; IDS, Cameron, Osborne, Pickles, Shapps et al, they all react in the same way,  as if we little people, who pay the taxes and national insurance that fund these private firms who meddle in public services, shouldn’t ask questions or raise concerns about how our money is being spent and whether or not the taxpayer has value for money; remember we are ALL taxpayers because we ALL pay VAT.

Conditions in prisons are as bad now as they were at the time of one of Britain’s worst jail riots in Strangeways Manchester, 25 years ago, former Lord Chief Justice Woolf has said.

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4 Responses to Ministry of (In) Justice.

  1. loobitzh says:

    Its good to see a post on the Criminal Justice System and Prisons in particular. So much has changed under this Governments Prison Reforms an predictably much of the injustice and damage is kept out of the Media. Its as if the propaganda, constantly attacking and distorting perceptions has firmly placed prisoners their subjugation and suffering along with the ‘demonisation’ of prisoners into the unconscious realms of morality.

    Suicides have been rising fast, and thats only one element of the effects of Graylings ‘vision’.

    But I ask is it any surprise when we appear to have Social Darwinists and Sociopaths calling the shots from behind a cloak of mirrors and deceptions?

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  2. Yes loobitzh it has to be remembered that the prisons are more full now because of the tories criminalisation of those in poverty as a result of the Draconion policies they’ve imposed. So people who can’t pay their council tax bill, rent, TV licence, those whose benefit has been sanctioned and who resort to stealing…

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  3. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


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