He wouldn’t (couldn’t) answer …

From Jon Ashworth Labour General Election Campaign Deputy

Did you see David Cameron last night? He was in the same studio with Ed Miliband, at the same time, with the same audience — but he wouldn’t debate him head-to-head.

We soon found out why. He wouldn’t answer for his failed record. On zero-hours contracts (he couldn’t live on one), on foodbanks (apparently use is soaring because of better advertising) and on the NHS (where he was taken apart by an audience member), the Prime Minister couldn’t answer for his failures.

Just watch this — and see who you think did a better job, Ed or David Cameron:

After last night, the Tories know they have a battle on their hands. Everyone that watched saw a Prime Minister arguing that this is as good as it gets, and a Leader of the Opposition who is hungry for the change that everyone (except millionaires, obviously) want to see.

Now it’s down to us to back Ed Miliband up.

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3 Responses to He wouldn’t (couldn’t) answer …

  1. sdbast says:

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  2. patricknelson750 says:

    I noticed that after hearing a story of one man’s grueling struggle of walking a long distance to work and trying to earn a living on a zero hours contract Cameron immediately Freudian slipped that he would like more people in part time work.

    For David Cameron and those he represents British workers not valuable individuals they are a resource and something akin to the food of the elites. They can be devoured in various ways and if they are unpalatable, “defective” or out of date they can simply be binned.

    Like all of the rich greedy Neo-Liberals who dominate the modern Conservative party David Cameron is a vampire.

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