MaximARSE complaints procedure

Most people (apart from the tories of course) know that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) as carried out by Atos was simply not fit for purpose.

Now, the shiny and new MaximARSE us has taken over the WCA.  It’s a case of same circus, different clowns.

The assessment is supposed to be a thorough report of the claimant’s capabilities, sufficient for the DWP to make an accurate decision. All too often it’s cursory, the assessor fails (or refuses) to consider and note additional evidence and judgements are frequently based solely on the claimant’s performance during a (brief) interview, without considering day-to-day situations.

The complaints procedure has been underused, and  both Atos and Maximus have been given an easy ride in this respect. It should be stressed that the complaints procedure is not about challenging the actual decision, and therefore is not a substitute for the appeal process – rather it’s an additional channel people can use to express their dissatisfaction.

I would urge everyone with a complaint to use the procedure. (see customer relations leaflet below for details)

The more people who complain, the better the chance of finally tackling this apparently random method of assessment. 

Customer Relations leaflet

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