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NEET = Not in Employment, Education or Training. This is my lovely (most of the time) son Huw. He’s 19 years old. He is a NEET. It bothers everyone, except him. He’s just published his first book. He has … Continue reading

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Movement to Work Scheme

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services Union website Members urged to sign petition calling for HMRC to cease involvement in Workfare scheme – Volunteers sought for PCS working group – Branches to monitor and report numbers participating in Movement to … Continue reading

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Single parent? Attend the Jobcentre and get referred to social services as a troubled family. New trial at Ashton Jobcentre.

Originally posted on The poor side of life:
Yesterday I heard something very disturbing. A lady contacted me, she was very upset. She attended the Jobcentre for her signing on appointment and was confronted with something totally unexpected. She’s a…

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They Are Coming For Our Pensions … And This Is How It Begins

Originally posted on the void:
Unpaid work experience and apprenticeships for pensioners could soon be on the way as a report released earlier this month lays the groundwork for an attack on pensions. The report, entitled A New Vision For…

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Iain Duncan Smith’s Plan To Privatise … Everything?

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Plans are underway to place up to one trillion pounds of public spending in the hands of investment companies and bankers. Iain Duncan Smith gave a speech at the Social Investment Conference last week discussing…

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Rip-off 0845 Helplines.

Originally posted on Ipswich Unemployed Action.:
Premium Rates for Claimants. One of the many annoying things about benefits is that when you make inquiries you now have to use the phone: there’s nobody you can see in person. Transfer not…

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Ministry of (In) Justice.

HMP Oakwood G4s, the private company that runs Birmingham & Oakwood prisons have been told by the Ministry of Justice to ban a penal reform charity from visiting those prisons to see the work they are doing to improve conditions … Continue reading

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