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Conservatives, cruelty and the collective unconscious

Originally posted on Politics and Insights:
This offensive image mocks the Stroke Association’s Act FAST poster – illustrating each of the charity’s three signs of a stroke, “Face, Arms and Speech”, with a picture of Ed Miliband, being mocked as…

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Grant Shapps accused of editing Wikipedia pages (for his own ends of course – allegedly)

Reposted from The Guardian on line Grant Shapps did not respond after he was sent a detailed exposition of the changes made by Contribsx. Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex  Online encyclopedia administrators block user account believed to be run by Tory party … Continue reading

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Victorian Tory education policy: no disabled, no redheads and young children in forced isolation

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s Tory Britain!) The Tories are rapidly taking us back to Victorian times in many ways – not least in our schools. First of all they openly say that children in wheelchairs shouldn’t…

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New tactics from the DWP workers. 

Originally posted on The poor side of life:
Every week we hear new stories of how the DWP workers try to trick people into receiving a sanction. We aren’t easily shocked anymore but if you haven’t heard of these tactics…

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21 days to go

Watch the video David Cameron thinks that saying “think of all the things we’ve done in the last five years” is a boast. But when people do think about the last five years, they remember a hike in VAT, the … Continue reading

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Victory for sanctions enquiry

Reposted from Few of us, I am sure, can forget the tragic and appalling death (by DWP sanctions) of  David Clapson His sister, Gill Thompson took to to petition David Cameron for an enquiry into the benefit sanctions … Continue reading

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The election helpline

just a little bit of fun … It’s the early hours of the morning. In number 10 Downing Street, just call me Dave picks up the ‘phone. His hand shakes as he nervously dials the number … A calming female … Continue reading

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