The Fire-fighter letter

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The firefighter letter

100 business leaders have signed a letter published in the Telegraph hailing the Conservatives economic plan.

Nobody should have expected anything less from profit driven capitalists whose only concern is the size of their bank balance rather than the size of the queue at the foodbanks.

I’m a serving firefighter.

My priorities lie elsewhere other than my bank balance.

I have written my own version of this letter below.

I encourage serving and retired firefighters to contact me to have your name added. Retweet it, put a link on Facebook. We must show that 100 FTSE 100 executives do not represent the British public. We value our public services far more than we value making a small percentage of already wealthy people more wealth.

Dear voters,

We are at the forefront of the emergency services in this country. We believe under no uncertain terms that the coalition government led by David Cameron’s Conservative party have been nothing but detrimental to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Fire Service that you expect.

David Cameron and George Osborne have continued a sustained and vicious attack on all frontline emergency services for 5 years. The lowering of Fire Service budgets across the country by 20% has caused nothing but a heightened risk to firefighters and the public they serve. This along with attacks on the NHS, The Police and Coastguard has been a key part of their profit before people economic plan.

The result for the Fire Service has been that since 2010, 39 Fire Stations have closed, 145 Fire Engines have been scrapped and over 5000 firefighter positions have been axed. This has raised response time considerably to the point that some Brigades have dropped the 5 minute maximum response times that we were once so proud of and that has saved thousands of lives. Under this governments attitude to the public services, people’s lives are at very serious risk of being lost completely unnecessarily.

We believe that this has put all members of the public at serious risk. We believe that a serious change of course is desperately needed in order for us to do our jobs effectively and to prevent losing saveable lives.


Andrew James, Neil Punt, Tom Evans, Billy Holland, Matt Jackson, Gerith Griffiths, Neil Roby, Benjamin Muddle, Riccardo la Torre, Dave Topping, Chris Howe, David Evans, Steven Smiles, Chris Wilson, Steve Bull, Sean Cayford, Andy Collis, John Maggs, David Pitt, Graeme Higgins, Hamish Daya, Rob Moss, Owen McCarney, Carl Shuttleworth, David Shek, Danny Slay, Alastair Martin, Carl Jones, Ricky Jones, Joe Dolan, Rob Stone, Wayne Sime, Martin Earl, Nigel Jackson, Mark Dunne, Chris Leigh, Alan Chinn-Shaw, Brad Walker, Mark Woodham, Russ King, Micheal Llinás, Tommy Richardson, Micheal Dell, Jonjo Bone, Steve Bailey, Peter Moss, John McCann, James Shaw, Fuego Pazzo, Roy Humphreys, Steven Hunter, Steve Reid, Rich Clutton, Andrew Rogers, Greg O’Neill, Emma Turnidge, Joe Poynton, Mark Chapman, Leigh Pickett, Ben Selby, Benjamin Muddle, Brian Waugh, Jonny Firth, Barry Boreham, Andrew Scattergood, Paul Drinkwater, Graham Whitfield, Bob Todd, Andrew Singlewood, David Clark, Lee Wilson, Gavin Lynch, Chris Moore, Andrew Shaw, John Hinks, Tony Garrott, Alastair Dunlop, Ian Murray, Mark Pettifer, Graham Geer, Mark Woodward, Ken Barron, Giorgio Petrelli, Simon Leroux, Paul Doye, Chris Hughes, Steve Johnson, Keith Robertson, Timothy Ryder-Jones, Mick Higgins, Lewis Orrow, Julian Jenkins, Tony Reid, Nigel Goffin, Lee Bell, Paul Manderson, Ellis Webb, Joe Holt, Alex Probyn, Peter Wilcox, Matthew Yardley, Paul Hepburn, Steve Cox, Matt Kokins, Tony Collins, Sean O’Hara, Andy McCheyne, Adrian Clarke, Mark Stevens, Lee Finnigan, Sam McGurk, Dale Adkinson, Jason Naylor, Paul Robson, David Egan, Tom Armstrong, Phil Garside, Matt Bland, Darren Cameron, Ben Hague, Andrew Anderson, Mel Turbutt, Adam Lovatt, Jon Lambe, Dave Waterman, Stephen Harrison, Ian Ralph, Bob Connell, Richard Gibson, Derek Warwick, Les Mason, Alistair Cormack, Ian McGill, Graham Wilkinson, Ian Cuthill, Jon Wall, Darrell George, Liam Wheeler, Wayne Vaughan, Bob Hawkes, Russell Macanaspie, Lee Medhurst, Charles Brown, Alan Jaye, Matt Burton, Austin Foy, Simon Lilley, Ryan Allen-Jones, Dicky Hughes, Steve Wilson, Ben Turley, Darren Moss, Paul Arrowsmith, Holly Davey, Keith Nisbet, Dom Page, Tony Jones, Timothy Selby, Nick Morley, Martyn Humphreys, Martin Roderick Wylie, Craig Scott, Martin Green, Pete Thompson, Frasier Whitaker, Adam Ruffells, Ian O’Connell, Paul Terry, David Hawley, Jon Watts, Tom Meller, Tim Fryer, Billy Carruthers, Tim Woodward, Bruce Walton, David Venus, Iain Campbell, Steve Kay, Steven Snape, Andy Killingbeck, Gareth Reid, Antony Evans, Andrew Davies, Rob Tyler, Andrew Griffiths, Russell Dawson, Steve Smith, Matt Cross, Andy Steele, Darren Bishop, Andy Green


Courtesy of Andrew at The Utopian Firefighter

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  1. loobitzh says:

    Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    support Our Brave FireFighters and Share….


  2. Echoes what has happened with the ambulance service; closing A & E’s; taking Wardens out of sheltered housing, to name a few. Of course these changes cause deaths. Anybody else see a pattern?

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