21 days to go

5 more years!?

David Cameron thinks that saying “think of all the things we’ve done in the last five years” is a boast. But when people do think about the last five years, they remember a hike in VAT, the bedroom tax, a tax break for millionaires, food banks, a crisis in the NHS, tripling tuition fees, a cost-of-living crisis…I could go on.

And what will happen after five more years of David Cameron and George Osborne? We don’t need to guess — we just need to look at their record.

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3 Responses to 21 days to go

  1. Chris says:

    The Tories have already won.

    The Yougov polling prediction is a severe hung parliament:

    277 Labour

    264 Tories

    28 Lib Dems (maybe even down to 19)

    The rules are that when no single party can reach the
    326 MP minimum threshold
    to form a UK government,
    then the government stays in power.

    So the Tories need do nothing and yet still remain in government for five years.

    No big party was elected in 2010, with the same low turnout as 1918 when so many men had died in the first world war, because most voting areas had people who did not vote.

    More people are not registered to vote today, than in 2010.

    This happened before. A newspaper headline in a Beatles tribute show showed

    Labour surge
    But Tories stay in command.

    The only other prediction to help Labour, is if the Tories concede to have a second general election this year, then there will be ever fewer voter turnout, and we will get a grand coalition of Tory and Labour in government in the House of Commons.

    We live in exciting times.

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  2. sdbast says:

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