Victorian Tory education policy: no disabled, no redheads and young children in forced isolation

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Tory Britain!)

The Tories are rapidly taking us back to Victorian times in many ways – not least in our schools.

First of all they openly say that children in wheelchairs shouldn’t have the right to attend school:

Tory spokesman Toby Young thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools

And they’re excluding pupils with red hair:

Redhead banned from school just weeks before her A-levels

They’re even putting young children in forced isolation because their parents have dressed them in the slightly ‘wrong’ school uniform:

Ex-prison head puts 100s of children in isolation

And Tory Education ministers have clearly never spoken to any 4-year-olds, or they would have realised just how stupid their decision was to force toddlers to sit formal exams:

This may not be Cameron’s worst policy – but it’s definitely his stupidest

The Tories are also openly handing lucrative state school assets over to their donors:

Tories rush to hand over…

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