Supposedly ‘undecided’ BBCQT audience member set up company with Tory MP

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

A supposedly undecided businesswoman in the BBCQT audience – who strongly attacked Ed Miliband – set up her company with a Tory MP and signed the dodgy letter supporting the Tory Party.

Catherine Shuttleworth told the press that she was undecided about who to vote for:

BBCQT bias

Which is a bit strange, seeing as Shuttleworth last week declared her support for the Tory Party in their dodgy business letter:

bbcqt bias 1

And even more interestingly, Ms Shuttleworth set up her company – Savvy Marketing – with Tory MP for Harrogate Andrew Hanson Jones:

BBCQT bias 2

BBCQT bias3


It’s starting to look suspiciously like the BBC has been hoodwinked into allowing a Tory Party plant in its BBCQT audience.


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