Benefit scroungers and the royal family

Royal baby girl and Kate Middleton get a visit from Prince George with William

picture reproduced from Daily Mail on line

I’ll be honest with you, the first thing I thought when I heard the news of the royal birth was … oh goody, another addition to the civil list.

It just seems strange to me that CaMORONs’ rhetoric about spongers and scroungers doesn’t seem to apply to the royal family.

To be fair to Kate and Wills, they have worked and so presumably paid tax and national insurance but then so have many ordinary people; yet when those same ordinary people have to claim benefits due to illness, disability or job losses, they are treated like scum.

Not so the royal family, they are lauded  by the tories.

If you think about it, their house and day to day needs are more or less entirely funded by the public purse.

No food banks, bedroom tax or work capability assessments for them.

Not like this poor lady, sanctioned because she told a workfare employer she was pregnant

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