ELECTION 2015 – they think it’s all over

To say I am gutted at the outcome of the 2015 General Election would be an understatement.

I am lucky. I work. I don’t claim benefits, due to a small inheritance from a late relative, I don’t have to worry about money. I am relatively healthy.

But, we are all one malignant cell, one car crash, one redundancy from having to rely on the welfare state.

Although I had a bit of a twitter argument with an SNP voter this morning, I admire Scotland for coming together and ousting the tories completely. I just wish they’d voted Labour which would have reduced the tory majority.

g millward   @glynbmil
May 08
@Sharonwifey point taken, but it would have reduced their majority. Greater good and all that, not I’m alright Jack, pull up the ladder!
Sharon Gathercole
May 08
@glynbmil we voted labour for greater good for decades. Proved once again it means bugger all if Eng votes Tory.

I’m pleased to say that Jo Stevens (LAB) took the seat from the Lib Dems in Cardiff Central. I’ve tweeted her this morning to congratulate her but to also remind her that she should be a strong voice in Westminster against tory Welfare and Public Sector cuts.

I know not all the results are in yet, but it looks as though tories will have a slim majority and get in to No 10 by the skin of their teeth.

I don’t know who voted tory, because all the people I’ve spoken to, texted and tweeted say that they voted Labour, Plaid Cymru or Green. It’s probably because I don’t move in tory social circles.

I think the highlight for me is that Esther McVile has lost her seat in Wirral a small victory for all the deaths and misery she has caused people.

So to everyone who reads my blog, voted Labour and is feeling disheartened about the next 5 years can I just say this … iron does not become steel until it’s been through the fire. Don’t lose hope, remember these tory MPs that have got in; well they work for you, get them involved in any problems you experience with the DWP. Be a keyboard warrior via twitter, campaign and protest as best as you are able.

Sending you all love, hugs and kisses.

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12 Responses to ELECTION 2015 – they think it’s all over

  1. patricknelson750 says:

    Give the Camorons another 5 years and they will probably make a big enough mess that the Tories will not be able to get back in power again for a good while despite the dominance of the pro-Tory media. Its just a pity we will have to probably have to observe the destruction of the NHS and all sorts of other national vandalism before this.

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  2. patricknelson750 says:

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  3. loobitzh says:

    Im In Shock. I just dont get it? A Tory Majority? Why? Who voted for them?????
    I am at a loss and very disheartened and worried.

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  4. Florence says:

    Like everyone, I’m shocked, and horrified at the prospect of the policies promised for the next 5 years. We’re also hamstrung by the 5 year Parliament Act, which will make it more difficult to unseat a govt mid-term, and described by even Tory commentators as hurried, bad and unconstitutional.

    We must join together and get busy campaigning. The DWP FoI will be out soon thanks to Mike VP, and it’s essential we use those MPs returned start to work for us. And of course, as you say Glynis, fight, fight, fight!

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    • You’re right Florence. I say this with my hand on my heart. I honestly think when the DWP deaths come out the figures will be damming and tories can’t blame anyone except themselves. We must use information like this to further our cause. I suspect that tories will water down HRA and FOI legislation.

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  5. sdbast says:

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  6. jaynel62 says:

    I so agree Glynis We DO need to Regroup and it has to be Collectively – less of the repetition and one upmanship but for the Greater Good xx

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