The Peoples Government ( a sort of “fantasy football” of politics)

What would your alternative government look like?
For a bit of fun, I decided to put together my ideal cabinet and call it the peoples government, along with my reasons for choosing those individuals.
Cabinet of the Peoples Government
Portfolio Minister
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister
First Lord of the Treasury
Minister for the Civil Service
The Rt Hon.Glenda JacksonMP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
First Secretary of State
The Rt Hon. Mike Sivier MP
Secretary of State for the Home Department The Rt Hon. Jayne Linney  MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Rt Hon. Tom Pride MP
Secretary of State for Defence The Rt Hon. Johnny Void MP
Secretary of State for Justice
Lord Chancellor
The Rt. Hon. Nick Dilnot MP
Chief Whip (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury) Jonathan Bartley MP
Secretary of State for Education The Rt Hon. Tristan Hunt MP
Leader of the House of Commons
Lord President of the Council
The Rt Hon. Tom Watson MP

Glenda Jackson

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I chose her for Prime Minister  because she is not afraid to take on that odious little sh*t; Iain Duncan Smith and for that fact alone, she deserves to be PM.

Mike Sivier

Mike has been vociferous in highlighting the tory lies, deceit and propaganda. He’s also a journalist and could assist in bringing in the recommendations of the Leveson enquiry which will lead to more balanced reporting in the media.

Jayne Linney

This lady is NOT for turning.  She knows things you haven’t even thought about and will bring a wealth of experience and intellect to the role.

Tom Pride

No, not that Tom Pride…

This Tom Pride …

Nobody knows what he looks like, but that wouldn’t matter because he’d be jetting off to all parts of the world and that anonymity will stand him in good stead with Foreign Leaders (and prevent him being mobbed and photographed at the airport of course)

Johnny Void

DEFENCE = Johnny Void … nuff said

Nick Dilnot

The “Stats Man”

Nicks blog, ilegal, examines in quite some detail all those dodgy government statistics. There is no fact or figure that escapes his eagle eye vision. This man CAN see the forest for the trees

What better person to have as secretary of state for justice.

I suppose I’d better put in a few “proper” politicians now, so here goes; 

Jonathan Bartley

Currently the spokesperson for Welfare – Green Party

Jonathan Bartley

For entirely shallow reasons, I’m including Jonathan Bartley (I think every cabinet needs a bit of eye candy) However, on a slightly more serious note, he had a go at Iain Duncan Smith (anyone who does that deserves a place in cabinet)

(watch Jon v Iain @ 13 mins. 50 secs.)

and he’s a Green, so he’s bound to be compassionate and caring. Anyway, as Chief Whip, who would not be persuaded to vote a certain way by Jonathans’ cute hair cut and gorgeous brown eyes ** sigh **

Tristram Hunt

Bit of a posh boy boy I know, but he is quite clever  too:- 

Hunt is a lecturer in modern British history at Queen Mary University of London. He has written several books and in his work as a broadcaster has presented history programmes on television. He is a regular writer for The Guardian and The Observer.

How wonderful then to put him in charge of education and help undo all the rubbish Gove and his like visited on teachers and the education system, plus he will be able to introduce to the curriculum a new lesson called “Why you must NEVER vote Tory”

Tom Watson

We must have lovely cuddly Tom to remind you of your favourite uncle. At least that’s the impression he gives … but this guy has got steely determination in spades.

He was one of the MPs who brought to the publics attention Theresa Mays attempt to smuggle in the snoopers charter by the back door.

and has also been instrumental in exposing historical child abuse in Westminster

He’s got his ear to the ground alright!

So there it is, my cabinet.

Remember this, an angry electorate is hard to govern… a depressed one is easy.

You know what you need to do peeps … refresh, regroup and FIGHT ON!


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14 Responses to The Peoples Government ( a sort of “fantasy football” of politics)

  1. jaynel62 says:

    WOW Thanks extremely Honoured – although the ‘Thatcher’ Reference sent shivers down my spine xx

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  2. jaynel62 says:

    Reblogged this on jaynelinney and commented:
    Had to Share this – just because xxx

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  3. stilloaks says:

    Reblogged this on DWPExamination. and commented:
    Great selection Glynismillward, I particularly like the choice of Glenda Jackson as Prime Minister and would add Michael Meacher as Secretary of State for Works and Pensions.

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  4. Methusalada says:

    I found this a very interesting playground of revolutionary ideas with Glenda Jackson as Leader & Tom Watson Deputy Leader both of whom I admire.

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  5. patricknelson750 says:

    Who would be your all time favourites for these posts?

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  6. … and in case anyone is curious as to what my role would be in this cabinet, it would be as follows:

    1) making the tea/coffee
    2) putting the Lidl/Aldi or Tesco Everyday Essentials whiskey into the decanter (gotta keep those expenses budget costs as low as possible)
    3) making sure all the diaries are updated so that everyone can vote against fox hunting, badger culls, welfare cuts that impact on the elderly, disabled, sick and vulnerable.
    4) Doing anything that Jonathan Bartley wants (as long as it’s not illegal, immoral or fattening of course)

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  7. Methusalada says:

    Have alerted my friends in Wales of my support for the Tea/Coffee revolution ! Now awaiting my bottle of Welsh whiskey !

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  8. Oh my God … Jonathan Bartley just tweeted me to say he’s speechless … probably thinks I’m a stalker now!

    Jonathan Bartley
    replied to your Tweet.

    Jonathan Bartley


    May 10

    @glynbmil speechless.

    View conversation


  9. Chris says:

    …Jonathan Bartley

    Currently the spokesperson for Welfare – Green Party

    The Greens had the two policies that should have been from the Labour party and would have won Labour big on 7 May.

    The Greens abandoned off their manifesto after the real car crash of an interview by Lucas on BBC Four.

    Citizen Income – automatic and universal, so not means tested, money for all citizens, without all the starvaton causing benefit cuts, sanctions, Jobcentres, work programmes, workfare et all

    Citizen State Pension, irregardless of National Insurnace record

    SERPs opt out and National Insurance history have been merged, wiping each other out, meaning NIL STATE PENSION FOR life, in this Work for life or starve if you can’t.
    Jonathan Bartley

    See why at end of my petition, in my Why is this important, section, at:


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