The UK is defending tax abuse, not promoting ‘tax competition’ – Richard Murphy

So … this is why the tories secured a second term!

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Many thanks to Richard Murphy at Tax Research UK for this excellent article:

The Guardian has reported that:

Britain will reject plans announced in Brussels this week to combat industrial-scale tax avoidance by the world’s biggest multinationals, the Treasury minister responsible for tax policy has said.

David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, told representatives from the European parliament that Britain would not adopt the measures to introduce certain common tax rules. “He was very clear that the UK is insisting on tax competition,” said German MEP Michael Theurer, who met with the UK treasury minister on Thursday. “It was really a shock from the minister.”

I met that EU delegation yesterday afternoon, representing the Fair Tax Mark with Meesha Nehru. I can say as a result that the comments made by HMRC and David Gauke in the morning were still reverberating in the afternoon and I think Michael Theurer…

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