♕ Queen sacrifice ♕

Reposted from an article in PCS people magazine

In chess, a queen sacrifice is a move giving up a queen in return for tactical or positional compensation.

As David CaMORON went to Buckingham Palace on 8 May, thousands of people were going to food banks and loan sharks.

I cannot believe that “Lizzie” could sit there reading out that utter tosh with a straight face – just what is the point of her!

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Several of the bills announced in the Queens Speech will have a detrimental impact;

Full employment & Welfare rights Bill

This will freeze working age benefits, tax credits and child benefit and reduce the benefit cap still further – plunging more families and individuals into poverty.

While it creates duties on ministers to report on job creation annually and mentions apprenticeships, the governments intention to restrict housing benefit to the over 21’s will increase youth homelessness.

Enterprise Bill

Whilst this is aimed at cutting “regulation” and enabling “easier resolution of disputes for small businesses” in reality, it is likely to mean an erosion of employment rights.

Immigration Bill

This will seek to control immigration with harsh controls on migrant workers, including by introducing a criminal offence of illegal working which will allow wages paid to illegal migrants to be seized as proceeds of crime – punishing the workers, not the employers, even though the government claims that the purpose of the bill is to stop unscrupulous bosses exploiting or coercing people into work.

Extremism Bill

This includes measures to combat groups and individuals who “reject our values and promote messages of hate”, including enabling employers to check whether an individual is an extremist and bar them from working with children.

No definition of extremist has yet been provided… (answers on a post – card please)

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