No cuts, Osborne, say PCS Facebook posters

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services union

Dozens of people have taken to the PCS Facebook page to share their anti-cuts views following our post reporting the chancellor’s request to public sector workers asking for ideas on efficiency savings. (see link to article in the Guardian below)

PCS poured scorn on Osborne’s request and so did posters to our Facebook page, who were inspired to comment on the post which reached thousands of people.

There were plenty of ideas about how the government could cut spending, which did not include the chancellor’s plans to reduce departmental spending by £20 billion, to be detailed in the 25 November spending review or the 4-year,1% civil service pay cap outlined in the emergency budget.

Scrapping Trident was a popular suggestion, as was cutting MPs’ pay and ending the public sector pay cap.

Other ideas included:

  • making zero-hours contracts illegal
  • ending tax havens
  • restoring services to the public sector and ending privatisation
  • reforming the House of Lords
  • taxing fat cats and banking bonuses at 70%.

Read our alternative to the cuts.

P.S My money saving suggestion to you Gidiot is … RESIGN! because that will save us shed loads of money.

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  1. Apparently migrants have brought 20 billion taxes extra into the country over any expenditure. the government can use that money instead of 12 billion cuts in welfare, and prove to us that migration benefits us all. (serious, not sarcasm).

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