… and still no word from the bald one.

Four days after the issue of the report giving details of the mortality statistics by DWP and still not a peep from Iain dunked in sh*t…


or his boss CaMORON.

If either of them had a shred of decency in them, they would, at the very least have made a media statement expressing concern and take steps to launch an investigation into the deaths.

But no, both of them are lying low. Do they think that if they hide from view for a bit people will just forget about the fact that PEOPLE HAVE DIED AS A RESULT OF THEIR POLICIES!!! (sorry for shouting)

Maybe the tories think that there is nothing wrong with killing people and that it is just an acceptable consequence of welfare reform.

Of course the DWP say there can be no link to someone being found fit for work, when that person had previously been told by their GP and NHS Consultant that they were not and then dying a short time after.

Mike Sivier (the original requester for the statistics via FoI) says the figures supplied  by the DWP don’t seem to add up


Nick at the myLegal forum website (who regularly analyses the stats that DWP produce) has this to say. You can see more of Nicks excellent work here


I am going through it with a fine tooth comb, absolutely loads of incorrect reporting on this. Full Facts are wrong.

The other thing to remember is this so called “welfare reform” has cost an inordinate amount of money (from the public purse)

most of the problems lie firmly within the DWP. The Department has outsourced this work since 1998 and in 2011-12 paid its contractor, Atos Healthcare, £112.4 million to carry out 738,000 assessments. (extract from link below)


I’ll leave you with this sobering thought from the Bishop of Manchester

To be precise 2013/4 figures show UK has about 52 murders victims a month. DWP figures show 80 “fit for work” deaths each month.

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  3. mili68 says:

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  4. sasson1 says:

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    Oh he’ll have the same stock answer: ‘I don’t believe that to be the case’: he doesn’t believe it, so it can’t be true.


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  6. jaynel62 says:

    Well Said Glynis, the total lack of response is the strongest indicator yet of precisely how they (don’t) feel about us; or the poorer people of the UK.

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  7. That’s right Jayne. Any normal person would be mortified if something they did potentially caused the death of another, but not IDS and Cameron it seems and EVERYTHING they do to us is done with our money!!!


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