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Why The British Establishment Wants Jeremy Corbyn Buried

Reposted from The term “the establishment” refers to leading politicians, senior civil servants, senior barristers and judges, aristocrats, Oxbridge academics, senior clergy, the most important financiers and industrialists, governors of the BBC, members of and top aides to the royal … Continue reading

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Daughter of man who committed suicide after being found fit to work takes human rights case to UN

Reposted from The National THE grieving daughter of a disabled man who took his own life after being wrongly declared fit for work is getting help from Scottish disability rights campaigners to take his case to the United Nations over … Continue reading

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John McDonnell’s speech to Labour party conference

Reposted from Politics Home Can you imagine Gidiot Osborne making a speech like this … I warn you this is not my usual rant, they get me into trouble and Jeremy has told me to behave myself. Jeremy and I … Continue reading

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Upper Tribunal says ALL bedroom tax decisions unlawfully determined

Reposted from SPeye Joe (Welfare Writes blog) Excellent news from the Upper Tribunal regarding “Bedroom Tax” Yet another flawed government policy and not only that it’s unlawful as well! Read more about it here:-

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Michael O’Sullivan inquest: Chief coroner silent over WCA ‘future deaths’ reports

Reposted from Disability News Service The chief coroner of England and Wales has refused to act after it emerged that only one coroner has written an official report warning that lives could be put at risk by the government’s “fitness … Continue reading

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Michael O’Sullivan inquest: Atos ‘has no idea’ if surgeon is still assessing claimants

Reposted from Disability News Service Government contractor Atos Healthcare claims it has no idea if a former surgeon whose flawed assessment of a disabled man helped trigger his suicide is still testing people with mental health conditions for their eligibility … Continue reading

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Call the Fire Brigade

Reposted from the Guardian The real reason the Tories want to scrap fire and rescue authorities The government has embarked on a scorched earth strategy in its attempt to impose cuts: if you can’t beat them, abolish them The Fire … Continue reading

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… and so it begins.

Please note  –  Trigger alert – this article contains reference to mental health issues  Thanks to Chris Goulden of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Thanks to Chris, I just came across this little gem on the DWP Gov.UK site … To improve the … Continue reading

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Assault on Legal Aid

Reposted from Politics Home At long last ladies and gentlemen, we have an effective opposition party after years in the tory lite wilderness. Jeremy Corbyn has announced a review into what he dubs the Government’s “assault on legal aid”. Changes brought in … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn lays down the law with Labour MPs saying they WILL fight all Tory welfare cuts

And this sums JC up quite neatly. He knows the welfare “reforms” are harming people; he does not want Labour to support these reforms like some Tory lite Labour MPs. He’s always been clear on this point. So logically, because … Continue reading

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