FOI – Do or Die!

I’m getting this Freedom of Information (FOI) request in before the Nazi   Nasty party start charging £600 to make a request; 

Here’s the article, originally published by the excellent John Pring on Disability News Service  that compelled me to make a FOI request;

And here is my FOI request;

Now, I’m not a betting person, but shall we try and guess what the DWP response will be …

Will it be:-

  1.  Use of Section 12 FOI Act 2000 –

Exemption where cost of compliance exceeds appropriate limit.   (DWP like this one)

2. Use of Section 14

Vexatious or repeated requests. (DWP like this one too … just ask Alan Dransfield and Mike Sivier)

3. Use of Section 22

Information intended for future publication. (remember they tried this one on Mike Sivier following his FOI request for the mortality statistics)

4. Use of Section 35

Formulation of government policy, etc  . (bit obscure but you never know!)

I’m sure there are many other exemptions DWP could apply and I only wish they would spend as much time publishing and providing information as they do to denying , obfuscating and delaying providing the information.

Here’s the FOI Act exemption provisions, have a look, see which one you think they’ll apply and when my request is concluded, we’ll see how many of you were correct.

No prizes for the correct answer I’m afraid … just the kudos of knowing you were right!

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2 Responses to FOI – Do or Die!

  1. jaynel62 says:

    Great FOI Glynis so pleased you did this I spent 2 fruitless hours yesterday trying to dig through the depression to no avail so THANK YOU xx

    Liked by 1 person

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