Assault on Legal Aid

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At long last ladies and gentlemen, we have an effective opposition party after years in the tory lite wilderness.

Jeremy Corbyn has announced a review into what he dubs the Government’s “assault on legal aid”.

Changes brought in under the coalition government left some kinds of cases, such as those regarding family, employment, welfare and housing law, ineligible for legal aid.

Lord Bach will consider the consequences of Coalition reforms and put forward policy proposals.

Labour leader Mr Corbyn said the changes have left people without necessary advice.

“[The reforms] have resulted in many of our fellow citizens, often the poor and marginalised not being able to get advice or representation when they are faced with legal problems such as housing, welfare benefits, debt and employment,” Mr Corbyn argued.

He said the Government “refuses” to review the “disastrous” consequences of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act.

Lord Bach said: “Access to legal help and representation is a cornerstone of the rule of law and the mark of a decent society but the Government’s reforms have left too many people unable to enforce their rights.”

Labour MP Karl Turner has been appointed a shadow justice minister and will focus on legal aid and criminal justice issues.

In a tweet, Mr Turner pledged to “take the Government head on”.


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